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By Karen Good

Who said, “Kids now days don’t know how to work?”


Caleb, the young man with the mohawk haircut got the nickname "Paul Bunyan" as he could carry large trees single handedly.

July 11-14th was a very busy week at the Red Lake Rosie's Rescue (RLRR) shelter. We were blessed to have hardworking Youth Works groups from Winona Central United Methodist, Winona, MN; Crossview Church , Leo, Indiana; and First Presbyterian Youth Group, St. James, MN working at the shelter.

The main focus of our project was to brush out the area surrounding the kennels and shelter yard in attempt to get more air in for drying out the shelter and keeping mosquito swarms down. Also the volunteers worked in the cathouse and also removed all the old straw from around the building.

Team 1 worked for the first 2 days and Team 2 worked the last 2 days.

So much was accomplished during their visit. It was amazing to see that with just hand tools they were able to cut down the area and rake up sticks. It looks so nice now at the shelter in 3 main areas!

The kids absolutely 'loved' the dogs and cats, and interacted with them as all the dogs ran free for the 4 days and really liked the company.

Here are some comments that students made:

Tori said: "The Red Lake Rosie’s is a great place doing even greater things. It is a privilege to be here.”

Addi said: "Red Lake Rosie’s is the place to be to get to know dogs. It’s hard not to find a friend here.”

Megan said: “This mission is a well-worth project- many four-legged friends were made”

We got 192 hours of volunteer labor on the brushing.

Stephanie said: “It is a blessing to serve you- glory to God”.

When the group left they had all gotten together the night before and talked about RLRR being a ministry and pitched in and gave Karen $72.00 as a donation. They had all given some, and that was very moving. They said that they were impressed with the animal project and how RLRR volunteers are giving 100% and that’s why they like to help so much.

Youth Works is operating on the Red Lake reservation from June – August, 2011 doing many great things for the Red Lake community. Red Lake Rosie’s is so happy just to be able to be a part of their great work.

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