USDA Notice to Hispanic and Women Farmers and Ranchers: Compensation for Claims of Discrimination


SAINT PAUL, MINN., June 23, 2011 - Linda Hennen, USDA Farm Service Agency State Executive Director in Minnesota continues efforts to close the chapter on allegations that discrimination occurred at USDA in past decades. A process has been established to resolve the claims of Hispanic and women farmers and ranchers who assert that they were discriminated against when seeking USDA farm loans.

"The Obama Administration is committed to resolving all claims of past discrimination at USDA," said Hennen. "Our goal is to ensure that any Hispanic or women farmer or rancher who alleges discrimination is aware of this option to come forward, to have his or her claims heard and to participate in a process to have the opportunity to receive compensation."

You may be eligible if:

* you sought a farm loan or farm-loan servicing from USDA during that period; and

* the loan was denied, provided late, approved for a lesser amount than requested, approved with restrictive conditions, or USDA failed to provide an appropriate loan service; and

* you believe these actions occurred because you are female or Hispanic.

If you want to register your name to receive a claims package in the Hispanic and Women farmers and ranchers claims process, you can call the Farmer and Rancher Call Center at 1-888-508-4429 or register at

Audio and video public service announcements in English and Spanish from Secretary Vilsack and downloadable print and web banner ads on the Hispanic and women farmer claims process are available at:

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