Innovative Health Alliance Unveils Future of Healthcare to Native Americans


LAS VEGAS, NE – (May 25, 2011) – The Innovative Health Alliance (IHA), a group of health professionals, unveiled its unique perspective on the future of healthcare at the second annual Native American Health Care Conference in conjunction with the Native American Diabetes Workshop on Tuesday, May 24, 2011 at the Treasure Island Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. IHA educated attendees on innovative means to integrate employee health insurance and workers compensation programs that will save companies money and help foster a healthier and more productive work force.

IHA consists of related health management organizations that revolutionize the means in which health care is monitored, evaluated and delivered and how personal medical records are stored and retrieved. By providing easy access to health services, such as obtaining blood tests, comprehensive risk assessment analysis, health monitoring devices and personal medical record digital storage, individuals and companies can take control of healthcare costs and better monitor their health.

“The future of healthcare lies in the hands of individuals,” said Edward Salko, Jr., D.O., medical director of Personalabs and member of the IHA. “As costs escalate and insurance coverage spirals downward, every person in the United States must find a way to lessen the blow. Our IHA program gives individuals and corporations the tools to take charge of their own health or that of their employees.”

IHA provides a one-stop opportunity for an integrated approach to issues such as employee health programs and benefits, insurance, and disease prevention or monitoring programs.

“Indisputable facts show a positive ROI when corporations invest in their employees, their most valuable asset,” added Salko. “Higher productivity and a happier workforce can be achieved when health factors are considered. Preventing disease through risk analysis and taking control of your own health records benefits everyone.”

According to Annie Brudevold, of the Colorado River Indian Tribe, “ I have been waiting for a simple lab test that the Innovative Health Alliance provides, it is easy, comprehensive and affordable. I have been working for 30 years as a nurse aiding diabetics and this is a great health and technological tool to help our people.”

The IHA includes Personalabs, PreCare, Reed Group, We Do DNA, Comp Cost Solutions, Strategic Health Services, JustGetTested, and Pacific Crest Benefits, customized employee benefit programs. Visit .


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