Detention Officer/s

Red Lake Regional Criminal Justice Complex



Detention Officer/s

Red Lake Regional Criminal Justice Complex

Red Lake, MN 56671

(218) 679-4284

Open until filled

Primary Function:

To be responsible for routine correctional work involving detention, correction duties, and transportation of prisoners and others in legal custody. Full-time position with benefits, salary is DOQ reporting to Detention Administrator.

Essential Responsibilities & Duties:

• Responsible for directing, coordinating and organization the day-to-day activities of inmates, according to department policies and procedures.

• Monitors and directs group and individual behavior among the inmates to prevent, control and resolve inmate problems and/or conflicts.

• Monitors and directs various inmate programs (i.e., recreation and visitation).

• Provides and summons assistance and aid for inmates while maintaining the safety and security of the facility.

• Dispenses authorized medications and administers first aide and CPR, when needed.

• Delivers meals, mail supplies, and provides other personal needs to the inmates.

• Maintains necessary financial records (i.e., cash accounts, bail, fines, etc.).

• Collects, maintains, and completes necessary records and reports (i.e., criminal history, medical screening, medication delivery, inmate activity, inmate property, fingerprints, photographs, visitors logs, incident and discipline reports, etc.) operating computer terminals effectively.

• Searches and observes inmates, visitors, vendors, trustees, and others to ensure security.

• Inspects all jail areas to ensure adherence to jail policies and procedures and ensures these aspects of jail operation(s) are maintained.

• Responsible for processing admissions and release of inmates.

• Escorts and/or transports inmates to and from their places of custody and confinement along with various activities within and outside the Detention facility.

• Performs work assignments on a rotating shift as scheduled.

• Acts as a Police Officer in emergency situations such as riots, civil disobedience, natural disasters and other situations as determined by the Director of Public Safety.

• Performs other duties as assigned.


• High School Diploma or GED and/or equivalent combination of education, experience and training.

• Must have the ability to comprehend, follow and enforce Detention services, policies and procedures.

• Familiarity with the Data Privacy Act and be of high stable character with the proven ability to maintain strict standards of behavior and confidentiality.

• Establish and maintain an effective working relationship with people of varied economic, educational, and cultural backgrounds.

• Must have ability to ensure the inmates welfare, health and rights, and to maintain order and humanitarian conditions within the facility.

• Must have the ability to communicate effectively orally and written form and to understand and effectively execute oral or written instructions.

• Must pass a criminal records background check, without any felony convictions and must never have been convicted of domestic violence.

• Possess a valid Minnesota Drivers License and provide proof of a clean driving record.

• Knowledgeable in the use of self-defense and physical confrontation skills.

• Agree to maintain a drug-free workplace and submit to employee drug testing.

• Physically capable of handling job requirements and working long hours when needed.

• Must be able to complete required corrections training.

To Apply: Applications (resumes w/ application) are accepted at Red Lake Human Resources Department - P.O. Box 546, Red Lake, MN 56671 - (218) 679-1847 or 679-1848 * (218) 679-4176 Fax *


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