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Mother Earth Water Walk Returns and began April 10, 2011


Mother Earth Water Walk Returns and began April 10, 2011

As the northern snows begin to melt and further south spring rains fall, our Mother Earth awakens and new life begins. At this time of renewal Anishinaabe grandmothers, women and men, and youth from Canada and the United States will continue walking for our waters. The Mother Earth Water Walk began in 2003 in answer to question—“What will you do?”

The 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 Mother Earth Water Walks encircled Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, Lake Ontario, and Lake Erie respectively. In 2008 the water walk revisited Lake Michigan. The 2009 Mother Earth Water Walk stretched from Kingston, Ontario to the Atlantic Ocean along St. Lawrence River.

The 11,525 miles or 18, 549 kilometers were walked to call attention to the sacred gift of water, the source of our life, the source of all life. The past walks also raised awareness of the need to take care of the water, and to help our Mother Earth who is struggling to survive and to provide for all her children.

Each of the 24,113,700 steps taken was a prayer for the water, for Mother Earth, for the animals, the birds, the insects, the trees and for us, all two leggeds. Together the walks were one prayer for life.

This spring the Water Walk returns and the prayer continues. The 2011 Water Walk unites all the waters of our Mother Earth. Water from the vast Pacific Ocean, from the Gulf of Mexico, from the Atlantic Ocean and from Hudson Bay will be gathered in copper pails and carried by hand to the shores of Lake Superior. Ocean water from the four directions will travel the miles with Anishinaabe women and men walking side by side.

The western water walk begins Sunday, April 10 in Aberdeen, Washington and travels through the States of Washington and Montana, the Provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitboa, and the States of North Dakota and Minnesota before arriving in Wisconsin.

On Wednesday, April 20, the southern water walk will leave Gulfport, Mississippi traveling through the States of Mississippi, Tennessee, Illinois, Iowa and into Wisconsin.

Walkers from the East will leave Machais, Maine on Saturday, May 7. Their walk will take them through the Provinces of Quebec, Ontario and into the States of Michigan and Wisconsin.

Churchill Manitoba is the beginning point for the Northern Water Walk. Water from Hudson Bay and the water walkers will travel, on Saturday May 21 by train toward the south to Winnipeg. Their route will carry the sacred water through Manitoba, Ontario and into Minnesota and Wisconsin.

The walkers, journeying over 10,400,000 steps and carrying the healing and sacred salt water from the four directions will converge June 12 in Bad River, Wisconsin. The water will then be united in Lake Superior, where the first Water Walk began.

The Anishinaabe, also known as the Ojibwe, Odawa and Potawatomi, are the caretakers of the eastern woodlands and Great Lakes, the largest freshwater system on Earth. Anishinaabe women, as givers-of-life, are responsible for speaking for, protecting and carrying our water.

All people are encouraged and welcome to participate in and to support the 2011 Water Walk as it passes through their Provinces, States and communities.


(French Version)

La marche de l’eau de Mère Terre revient et commence le 10 avril 2011.

Alors que la neige du nord commence à fondre et plus bas au sud les pluies du printemps tombent, notre Mère Terre se réveille et une nouvelle vie commence. Lors de ce temps de renouvellement les grand-mères Anishinaabe, les femmes et les hommes et la jeunesse du Canada et des Etats Unis vont continuer à marcher pour nos eaux. La marche des eaux de Mère Terre a commencé en 2003 en réponse à la question – « qu’allons nous faire ? »

Les marches de l’eau de Mère Terre de 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 ont encerclé le Lac Supérieur, le Lac Michigan, le Lac Huron, le Lac Ontario, et le Lac Erie respectivement. En 2008 la marche pour l’eau a revisité le lac Michigan. La marche pour l’eau de Mère Terre de 2009 s’est étendue de Kingston, Ontario jusqu’à l’Océan Atlantique le long de la rivière St Laurent.

Les 11,525 miles ou 18,549 km ont été marchés pour appeler l’attention au cadeau sacré de l’eau, la source de notre vie, la source de toute vie.

Les marches passées ont aussi augmenté la conscience de la nécessité de prendre soin de l’eau et aider notre Mère Terre qui se débat pour survivre et pour nourrir tous ses enfants.

Chacun des 24,113,700 pas marchés ont été une prière pour l’eau, pour Mère Terre, pour les animaux, les oiseaux, les insectes, les arbres et pour nous, tous les bipèdes. Toutes ensemble les marches étaient une prière pour la vie.

Ce printemps la marche de l’eau revient et la prière continue. La marche de l’eau 2011 réunit toutes les eau de notre Mère Terre. Les eaux du vaste Océan Pacifique, du Golfe du Mexique, de l’Océan Atlantique et de Hudson Bay vont être récoltées dans des seaux de cuivre et portés dans les mains vers les rives du lac supérieur. L’eau des océans des 4 directions parcourra les miles avec des femmes et des hommes Anishinaabe marchant côte à côte.

La marche de l’ouest commence le dimanche 10 avril à Aberdeen, Washington et se déplace à travers les Etats de Washington et Montana, les provinces de Saskatchewan et Manitboa et les Etats de Dakota du Nord et Minnesota, avant d’arriver au Wisconsin.

Le mercredi 20 avril la marche du sud quittera Gulfport, Mississippi traversant les Etats du Mississippi, Tennessee, Illinois, Iowa et entrant le Wisconsin.

Les marcheurs de l’est quitteront Machais, Maine le samedi 7 mai. Leur marche les emportera à travers les provinces du Québec, Ontario et dans les Etats de Michigan et Wisconsin.

Churchill Manitoba est le point de départ de la marche de l’eau du nord. De l’eau de Hudson Bay et les marcheurs de l’eau prendront le train le samedi 21 mai en direction du sud vers Winnipeg. Leur route transportera l’eau sacrée à travers Manitoba, Ontario et dans le Minnesota et Wisconsin.

Les marcheurs, voyageant sur 10,400,000 pas et portant l’eau salée guérisseuse et sacrée des 4 directions vont converger le 12 juin à Bad River, Wisconsin. L’eau sera ensuite réunie dans le Lac Supérieur où la première marche de l’eau a commencé.

Les Anishinaabe, également connus sous le nom de Ojibwe, Odawa et Potawatomi, sont ceux qui prennent soin des forêts et des grands lacs de l’est, le système d’eau claire le plus répandu de la terre. Les femmes Anishinaabe, en tant que donneuses de vie, sont responsable de parler pour, de protéger et de porter nos eaux.

Nous encourageons et souhaitons la bienvenue à tout le monde pour participer à la marche de l’eau quand elle passe dans leurs Provinces, Etats et communautés.


Elder: Josephine Mandamin

Coordinator/Mailing List: Joanne Robertson

NORTH Direction:

Debby Danard

Sue Chiblow

EAST Direction:

Madeleine T. Huntjens

SOUTH Direction:

Sharon Day

WEST Direction:

Dawnis Kennedy

facebook: Water Walk 2011


Email Money Transfers (Canadian) - email to:

Interac e-Transfer participants:

Direct Deposit: Northern Credit Union

Acct#: 14492 828 0161405641

Cheques (Canadian or U.S. ) may be made to: Mother Earth Water Walk and mailed to:

Shingwauk Kinoomaage Gamig

Attn: Joanne Robertson, WW Coordinator

1550 Queen Street E

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada

P6A 2G3


U.S. Cheques can be made to:

"Indigenous Peoples Task Force: Mother Earth Water Walk"

(Everyone will receive receipt for taxes from IPTF.)

Indigenous Peoples Task Force

Attn: Sharon Day, Executive Director

3019 Minnehaha Avenue S.

Minneapolis, MN 55406


By walking for the water you are showing your commitment to future generations. Every walker has a special story to tell about their journey on the water walk. Walkers carry this story back home with them, for their family, for their community and for their people.

If you are committed to walking for an hour or a few, a day or a week or more, contact and let her know who you are, where you are from, how long you are going, what you might need info, accommodation ect (walkers are responsible for their own but we try to help), if you have any medical conditions, your contact info and an emergency contact person.

Only the women carry the water, pregnant women do not need to carry the water as they are already carrying water and bringing life forward.

Women on their moontime...can participate by helping with laundry, lodging, finding lunch spots, helping with children, etc

Men are encouraged to carry the Eagle staff to help with that balance, (and keep their eye on Josephine who likes to sneak off walking with both the Water and Staff...) LOL

And HAVE FUN! Laughing is essential to the journey!!

All women wear long skirts and men wear full pants, this dress shows respect for the protocols that go with working with the water and carrying the eagle staff.

Everyone must carry their own tobacco pouch, with LOTS of tobacco... tobacco is to be offered at each water sighting

The water songs are sung continually.

NO bottled water... bring a suitable drinking bottle container that you can refill

Everyone is responsible for their own health, safety

Everyone is responsible for their own expenses i.e. van, gas, cell phone, camera, radio phones, blackberry (some of you will be crossing US/CAN borders), accommodations, blister bandages, First Aid kit LOADED

(FYI: command central is working on connecting with host communities to provide accommodations, meals and many other to fundraise to support but every walker is responsible for these expenses – bring sleeping bags, mats ect. in case they are needed)

We recommend at least 2 pairs of walking shoes, and rain gear or snow boots ;) (all weather gear, lots of dry socks!)... two pairs of shoes in case one gets wet... or two pairs of shoes, one for morning, and one bigger pair for the afternoon when your feet are swollen :)

moleskin helps keeps blisters down.... rotate shoes throughout the day to help keep blisters down too.

... shower curtain to wrap around your skirt on rainy days

You can promote the "I support the Mother Earth Water Walkers, Once Step at a Time" PENNY DRIVE. Ask your families

"it's ALL about the water!!!!" josephine

"The Spirit of the Water must be forever in the minds of the walkers..." josephine

"don't dwell on the negative, our message must always be about caring for the environment" josephine

-rise and start walking before dawn, stop walking at dusk... strenuous, prepare yourself!

- the water always moves forward... never goes backwards... it must continue to 'flow forward' all day

- pipe + song every 4th day

- respect that you will be in someone else's territory

- van must contain at least 2 orange emergency vests, and water cooler... re: vans (2 or 3) leapfrogging, the more vehicles the longer the rest... too long a rest isn't good

- no alcohol and drugs

- OHIP does not cover you while you are in the states... so please keep this in mind when you do your planning... what i'm saying is... make sure you have adequate health insurance coverage for all the states and/or provinces you will be walking through... unless you are very wealthy :)

...when i learn more helpful tips and protocols i will add them to this doc.



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