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Red Lake High School Summer Academy Opportunities

The following classes will allow students to gain credit that they may have missed or work ahead and earn credit for next year


Literary Circles with Ms. Affield

Students will review literary elements such as tone theme and character development while increasing reading comprehension through the practice of reading strategies. The final project will be a student choice of a variety of options (TBD). Possible options include; interview with a community elder culminating in an essay with visual display, essay comparing current “life on the reservation” to a previous decade, literary weaving, story quilt, etc. (.5 credit in Eng. Equivalent to 9th,10th or 11th grade )

“Understanding a stream and its components determining its health/quality and societies interrelationship effects” with Mr. Rud

The study of the Nature of science & technology involving tools, natural systems and their interactions with nature & man, data analysis, to explain the natural world. Students will take part in several field trip experiences and use technology such as Excel graphing & using assess graphing to complete a final exhibit project. (.5 credit in 11th grade science elective or biology)

LEGO BOTS and MATH CARNIVAL with Ms. Ketterling

Students will build lego bots, learn to program it, run the lego bots through a maze, build a cityscape maze to scale as compared to their lego bots, and compete against others on an ultimate test. Next, we would demonstrate to elementary students what we have learned. Then, travel to Detroit Lakes to tour BTD Manufacturing. We will get to see computer programming in use at this tool and die company. Before leaving Detroit Lakes, we would ride go carts at Go-Putt-N-Bump.

Students will plan a math carnival for elementary students. They will plan the attractions, learn the math behind them, plan a budget, shop for supplies, set up the carnival, do the carnival, and clean up. (.5 credit linear algebra, Alg. I)

Career and Job Exploration with Vicki Graves, Kim Pemberton and guest teachers.

Students will have the opportunity to explore career, job, creative interests while using the Career inventory and skills tests. Each student will create a portfolio for career and jobs. Students will also have a mandatory research paper of no less than two pages which will be taken from their own personal career interests. (.5 elective)


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