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Joel Osteen and Marcos Witt’s Protestant Lakewood Church in Child Sex Crime Scandal


HOUSTON, TEXAS – *The biggest Protestant Church in the United States finds itself in a child molestation scandal. Houston’s Lakewood Church led by Joel Osteen and Pastor Marcos Witt is no exception to the avalanche of crimes committed by men who utilize the name of God to commit wrongdoings unto minors, as the world learned

today of the sexual assault of a child in this ministry.

A Texas court has charged Lakewood volunteer, Alvaro Daniel Guzman, for molesting an autistic boy in the Jeep room of this religious establishment, finding him guilty of “indecency with a child” – a serious offense reckoned by the State as a “charge of sexual contact with a minor under the age of 17 with the intent to arouse or gratify one's sexual desire.”

The young autistic victim is unable to speak, but the abuse was witnessed by another church volunteer in February 2010, who notified church officials immediately, indicating that the religious leaders of this Protestant mega-church were made aware of this vital information more than a year ago.

In a worldwide conference tuned in by over 103 countries in 6 languages broadcasted by TeleGracia, Jose Luis De Jesus (The Man Christ Jesus), recently alerted the nations that not only is the end of the Vatican near, but that the world would soon learn of the innumerable crimes committed by the Protestants and the rest of the religious system.

With presence in 30 nations, the Protect Your Children Foundation ( is committed to alerting communities and investigating crimes committed unto children by pedophiles that use the name of God to gain trust and commit evil. For more information on the Lakewood Church sexual molestation case or other crimes committed against children by religious entities, visit: and


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