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  • Minnesota report focuses on programs that work for Indian students

    Cynthia Boyd, MinnPost|Nov 27, 2013

    At 45.5 percent, Minnesota has the lowest on-time high-school graduation rate for its Native American students of any state in the country. Though acknowledging that hard truth, a new report by the Minnesota Campaign for Achievement Now (MinnCAN) reflects hope. The report, "Native American Student Achievement in Minnesota," not only focuses on some of the programs that are working for Indian students, but it is also a clear statement of Indian people's commitment to help their children. Said...

  • Ojibwe youth camp helps restore once-forbidden language

    Cynthia Boyd, MinnPost|Aug 15, 2013

    My Norwegian-born grandmother, who arrived on America’s shores in 1912, played an outsize role in my childhood telling stories of what seemed to us her exotic homeland where children skied to school, had summer homes on the fjords and every Christmas baked hundreds of Scandinavian cookies for family and friends. Though she spoke English with a distinctive Norwegian accent, my darling, diminutive grandma who lived to 102, rarely spoke a word of her native tongue (never an “uff-da”),...

  • Elsie Fairbanks dedicated her life to helping American Indians

    Cynthia Boyd, MinnPost|Feb 21, 2013

    Elsie Elaine Fairbanks worked throughout her life to better the lives of American Indians, from mothers-to-be to those struggling with alcoholism to those just plain struggling. Her work ended with her death Feb. 16 at 74 after a long illness. Though she attained only a high-school diploma, her resume included work at the St. Paul American Indian Center, the Red School House in St. Paul and — for the last 24 years — the St. Paul Area Council of Churches’ Department of Indian Work. There...

  • Bemidji incorporates Ojibwe into city’s signs and daily life

    Cynthia Boyd, Minn Post|May 21, 2012

    Tourists visiting Bemidji this summer may pick up a few words of a “foreign” language. That’s because the first city on the Mississippi River way north in Minnesota may be the only town off a reservation trying to incorporate the area’s indigenous Ojibwe language into daily life. All over town Ojibwe language signs are posted right alongside English language labels, and for a just cause. The signage is part of a broader effort to preserve the language spoken by an estimated 60,000 person...

  • Documentary prompts debate over apology to Native Americans

    Cynthia Boyd|May 1, 2012

    Mighty oaks from little acorns grow. An old saying, it came to mind as University of Minnesota lecturer Carter Meland talked to me about a thought-provoking video project of the 60 students in his introductory “American Indians in Minnesota” class. Maybe the documentary they premier May 1 will in the end be little more than a classroom exercise. Or, maybe it will spark some kind of official, mighty-oak apology from the state of Minnesota. At any rate, the exercise has already jump-started...