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 Opinion    December 19, 2014 

Our Voice: Tribes should be cautious of pot ruling

The U.S. Department of Justice last week adopted a new policy saying American Indian tribes can grow and sell marijuana on sovereign tribal lands, as long as those tribes follow the same federal rules laid out for states that allow recreational marijuana use and possession....

 Opinion    December 18, 2014

Roots of racism in Winnipeg revealed in Brian Sinclair inquest

Racism is an ugly thing. Good people don’t like to be accused of being racist. First Nations leaders often claim their community is victimized by racism​,​ and various socio​-​economic studies and statistics — such as higher rates of incarceration, unemployment and the like — seem to bear this out....

 Opinion    December 17, 2014

Why Did the Feds Just Legalize Cannabis on Native American Lands?

Last Thursday, the Department of Justice released a three-page memo announcing that the federal government will not prosecute Native Americans growing and selling marijuana on tribal lands, even in states where the drug is illegal. So will dispensaries become the new casinos?...

 Opinion    December 17, 2014

Native American tribes and the marijuana business

As if state and federal drug policies weren’t already a mishmash of contradiction and confusion, the U.S. Department of Justice announced last week that Native American tribes can grow or sell marijuana on their reservations, even in states that have not legalized pot for medicinal or recreational purposes. The decision was a further recognition of the sovereignty of Indian lands. But its ramifications will be felt far beyond the...

 Opinion    December 16, 2014

A good first step toward protecting Minnesota kids

New task force recommendations on Minnesota’s child protection system represent a strong initial step toward building a stronger safety net for kids....

 Opinion    December 16, 2014

Tribal Sovereignty will survive and tribes will thrive

The year of 2014 is winding down and soon we will begin 2015. Tribes have gained significant inroads against those who have tried to strip and erode tribal sovereignty. Finally, the Federal Courts are upholding some of our treaty rights. The Carcieri Fix is still languishing in Congress, but it's there and support continues to grow....

 Opinion    December 15, 2014

How legalizing marijuana on Indian reservations could end the prohibition on pot

This week, the Department of Justice announced that it would let Native American tribes grow or sell marijuana on their reservations, even in states where the drug is still illegal. The decision opens the door to pockets of legal marijuana throughout the country, in addition to the growing number of states that have legalized pot or are considering doing so....

 Opinion    December 15, 2014

We Won't Be Choked-We're Right And You Know It

Now that the NYPD has literally been caught on video choking a man to death for defying the most oppressive taxation scheme in the United States and then exonerated itself of any wrong doing, it's time to make a few things clear. Read more at

 Opinion    December 12, 2014

Obama Draws Natives Into Immigration Reform Battle

Last week, President Obama went out on a political limb with his executive order allowing an estimated 5 million undocumented immigrants to remain in the United States. It was just more fuel for Republicans’ anti-Democrat fire, who of course responded with more threats to sue, and all the usual hateful rhetoric. What was more interesting, though, was Obama’s statement to a Chicago audience, pointing to the broader absurdities of immigration...

 Opinion    December 11, 2014

Separate and unequal: Indian schools, a nation's neglect

LEECH LAKE INDIAN RESERVATION, MINN. - ‘Watch. This is the coolest moment of my day,’’ science teacher Allison Barta says, unlocking the door to her classroom at the Bug-O-Nay-Ge-Shig High School....

 Opinion    December 11, 2014

Native American needs to be met

At the White House Tribal Nations Conference earlier this month, President Barack Obama announced the launch of Generation Indigenous, a new initiative meant to address the needs of Native American youth. Education will be the focus of the initiative, which includes programs to address college and career preparation and leadership skills. Currently, about two-thirds of Native American students graduate from high school, well below the national...

 Opinion    December 11, 2014

State, tribal police should find better way to work together

There's an overwhelming problem in South Dakota involving the level of cooperation between tribal police and state, county and city law enforcement officials....

 Opinion    December 10, 2014

Idle No More: Where is the movement 2 years later?

I grew up in the age of the standoffs. For all of my formative 1990s — when I came into consciousness as an Anishinaabe and indigenous person — I witnessed communities putting their lives on the line against armed Canadians at Oka, Burnt Church, Gustfasen Lake, Ipperwash and countless other places....

 Opinion    December 9, 2014

Racial issues revealed in Ferguson alive and well in Canada

Last week, I jaywalked right in front of a police cruiser. The officers smiled and nodded as we made eye contact. #CrimingWhileWhite...

 Opinion    December 8, 2014

Alcohol: The most devastating weapon of all

I paid a short visit to our courthouse and ended up with a task. So, this article is about a long-standing serious brain disorder called Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome (WKS) which appears to afflict a significant percentage of tribal members. I am assuming that our courts have been overwhelmed with the debilitating, lethal, and terminal effects of this preventable disorder....

 Opinion    December 8, 2014

How Jean Beliveau lit the way for a boy in Hay River, N.W.T.

It all started in a school like this one, a northern school, a school in Hay River in the Northwest Territories. I was six and one of the few white kids....

 Opinion    December 5, 2014

'The Great Hurt': Facing the Trauma of Indian Boarding Schools

“Aww, here we go again, talking about the dang boarding schools!” This was the first thought Chally Topping-Thompson had when the topic came up in her social work class at St. Scholastica College in Duluth. Topping-Thompson of the Red Cliff Band of Ojibwe had heard hushed talk about the bad times at Indian boarding schools all her life. The talk, however, was for her, part of a long ago past of trouble and hurt. As a single mom trying to...

 Opinion    December 4, 2014

Salaries dismay Stoney Nation member

The Stoney chiefs earn a base salary of $125,000 each year or $500,000 over a four-year term and $375,000 over a three-year term....

 Opinion    December 4, 2014

Blackhorse: The Hate Mail I Receive is Hostile, Aggressive, Racist and Sexist

Sometimes I wonder if Washington team owner Dan Snyder and the co-owners know what type of hate mail those of us who have been battling the Native American mascot issue get. I don’t have a secretary or assistant who assists me in reading messages or organizing my social media, emails and such. Aside from my everyday duties of being a mother and making ends meet in my home, working on the mascot issue will usually take the back burner. Read...

 Opinion    December 3, 2014

Standing our ground -- Our moral obligation

A recent story entitled “North Dakota tribe puts oil refinery on pause to review plans,” told of the leadership of the Three Affiliated Tribes of the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation restudying plans for oil refinery in which they have already invested over ten years in the $450 million project....

 Opinion    December 1, 2014

Cracking down on Minneapolis gangs

A months-long investigation of gang violence ended successfully last week with the indictments of 11 people, providing hope that the streets of north Minneapolis will be safer....

 Opinion    December 1, 2014

Domestic Violence: If the Abuse Is so Bad, Why Do You Stay?

“Lady, if it’s so bad, why don’t you leave?” said the police officer standing my kitchen, summoned by me in response to an explosive situation in my home. He stared at me as I wept. Read more at

 Opinion    December 1, 2014

As a federal prosecutor, I know how hard it is to charge officers like Darren Wilson

Officer Darren Wilson will not face criminal charges for shooting and killing Michael Brown, according to a just-released decision by a grand jury. It’s a controversial ruling, one that seems almost certain to fracture that community and the country....

 Opinion    December 1, 2014

'We're going to school in a tin can'

LEECH LAKE INDIAN RESERVATION, MINN. - At the heart of the “seasonal” class Richard Armstrong teaches at Bug-O-Nay-Ge-Shig High School are outdoor activities such as gathering edible plants, tanning hides and building a sweat lodge. But the lesson plan for this Tuesday morning class calls for staying inside Armstrong’s crowded, damp-smelling classroom. The task: dissecting a long legal ruling involving treaty hunting rig...

 Opinion    December 1, 2014

Custer County is American Indians' Ferguson: The Story Won't Make It to CNN

In the aftermath of Ferguson, I am reminded of Custer County. On Monday night, the nation waited for the grand jury’s decision on whether or not Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson would be indicted for the August 2014 killing of teenager, Michael Brown, an unarmed African American teen....


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