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 Opinion    March 27, 2015 

PAUL NELSON COLUMN: Don't give up on ice fishing season just yet

Cold temperatures have slowed down the melting process on the lakes. This has extended the ice fishing season at least one more weekend for those anglers who just can't get enough. There is still more than 26 inches of ice away from the shoreline on most lakes. The ice is soaking up more water on the bottom of the ice, but there is still more than a foot of solid ice sandwiched between the top and bottom layers in most areas....

 Opinion    March 27, 2015 

Tribe's contribution is a nutrition boost for American Indians

There’s a reason that one of the first buildings visitors see on Minnesota’s Leech Lake Indian reservation is a diabetes clinic. And that on South Dakota’s Pine Ridge reservation, one of the landmarks rising from the prairie is a large, modern kidney dialysis center. When it comes to population health, the data points on American Indians are bleak. Their life expectancy is 4.2 years lower than the U.S. average, according to the federal...

 Opinion    March 27, 2015 

A bipartisan push to fix broken down Indian schools

The NCAA men’s basketball tournament isn’t the only place where a full-court press is taking place this week. In Washington, D.C., bipartisan members of Minnesota’s congressional delegation wielded their collective clout on a critical education issue: obtaining adequate funding for the nation’s broken-down federally funded Bureau of Indian Education school system. About a third of 183 BIE schools nationally have facilities with safety...

 Opinion    March 27, 2015 

Chippewa tribes declare record number of walleyes for spearing season

The six bands of Chippewa tribes in northern Wisconsin have declared intentions to spear a record 68,226 walleyes during the 2015 off-reservation harvest, according to a plan presented to state officials by the Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission. The harvest declarations are spread across 590 lakes and five lake chains in the ceded territory, essentially the northern one-third of Wisconsin. The declarations are part of an annual...

 Opinion    March 24, 2015

First they wanted our land, now they want our money

Desmond Tutu once said “When the missionaries came to Africa they had the Bible and we had the land. They said 'Let us pray.' We closed our eyes. When we opened them we had the Bible and they had the land.” The same could be said today slightly modified to say “they took our land, and when we tried to survive on what was left, and began to profit in our economic developments, they went after our resources using compact agreements and...

 Opinion    March 23, 2015

One of the most difficult, but most honored times of my career

In the middle of the afternoon of March 21, 2005, I was at my desk making calls to arrange some feature story interviews. A second line flashed, but I'm not good at interrupting one call to put another on hold. I'd let the receptionist take a message and call back. A couple of minutes later, the receptionist rushed into my cubicle holding a scribbled note on a piece of scrap paper -- "shooting at Red Lake High School." I terminated the line I...

 Opinion    March 23, 2015

A NATIVE VOICE: Education, perspectives and reflections

Editor's note: This is a monthly Pioneer column focusing on Native American issues and topics. Recently, a dialogue started in Bemidji titled "Truth and Reconciliation," which brings the community together to discuss ways to help all communities in Bemidji better understand one another. As we walk the path on the road to knowledge one can't help but think about one's past history and cultural life-ways. Whenever I have faced difficult life...

 Opinion    March 23, 2015

Tribal Leader Stands Up For Civil Rights Against Federal, State Regulators

Native American tribes are constitutionally guaranteed the right to order their own affairs outside the sphere of federal law and explicit acts of Congress. They have consistently used this right to establish tribe-owned and operated businesses that spend the profits on health care, education, housing, and social services. But certain tribes have recently seen the emergence of a new threat to their sovereign independence and tribal immunities...

 Opinion    March 23, 2015

Commentary: Citizens group opposes latest tribal trust application

The proposal by City Manager Frank Boyles and Mayor Ken Hedberg for more tax-free land for the SMSC is a big deal. It’s also a bad deal that only gets worse with time. It’s time for straight talk instead of double talk. Consider these eye-opening facts. City staff estimated a future loss of $1.25 million per year in local tax revenue on the 200 acres the SMSC wants in tax-free trust, land the SMSC stated would be used for commercial and...

 Opinion    March 23, 2015

A worthy Minnesota boost for American Indian education

Grant Two Bulls’ inspiring story is a reminder of the potential of Minnesota’s 20,000 American Indian students. Two Bulls, an 18-year-old senior at the Breck School, was featured this week in a Star Tribune story. He recently won the American Indian Science Fair with a project that combined science with his Indian heritage to study the environmental impact of an ancient settlement on the shores of Lake Calhoun. He’s now bound for Dartmouth...

 Opinion    March 23, 2015

We Must Stop Gruesome Postmortem Dismemberment

In 1854, Chief Seattle spoke to a group of early settlers. “Your dead cease to love you and the land of their nativity as soon as they pass the portals of the tomb and wander away beyond the stars,” he said. “They are soon forgotten and never return.” He went on to explain how for Native peoples, the dead are “not powerless,” for while their bodies blend with the earth, spirits of the deceased travel on because “there is no death,...

 Opinion    March 18, 2015

House budget promises new cuts, no Obamacare, and more Defense dollars

The House Budget Committee unveiled its budget Tuesday — and the details are not good news for Indian Country. First: The budget calls for more spending cuts than any previous Republican budget, some $5.5 trillion over the next decade. The pay off would be a balanced budget. But most of those cuts fall into “domestic” spending and that’s the source of most of the federal dollars for Indian Country. http://trahantreport...

 Opinion    March 16, 2015

Jackson most infamous as anti-Native American president

This is in response to the recent op-eds praising the Indian killer Andrew Jackson and a plethora of articles in this paper reporting on local efforts by the newly formed Andrew Jackson Foundation to elevate him to the status of a great president. Jackson has been lauded as the "most important American president," the "founder of American democracy," the "People's President" and the "most famous citizen Nashville ever produced." Local Native...

 Opinion    March 16, 2015

Mark Trahant: The battle over federal spending is about to get ugly

The battle over federal spending is about to get ugly. Real ugly. It’s been a Republican promise to balance the federal budget within a decade. And in an election campaign that promise look soooo easy. Cut a penny here, another there, and somehow, magically, revenues match spending and there’s a balanced budget. Since Republicans now control both the House and the Senate this should be a done deal, right? But that’s not how it happens in...

 Opinion    March 11, 2015

Disenrollment IS a Federal Action

As the tribal disenrollment epidemic only worsens, our trustee—the United States and its Department of Interior—continue to turn a deaf ear to desperate pleas for help from Indians who are facing disenrollment or have already been terminated. Interior takes the position that it “does not get involved in individual tribal matters [of disenrollment] unless the agency’s participation is included in the tribal constitution.” That position...

 Opinion    March 10, 2015

Speak Your Piece: Driving While Indian

The officer rapped loudly with a flashlight on the passenger-side window of my car. My 16-year-old, special-needs daughter flung her arms around me like a frightened kitten climbing up my pants leg. I tried to calm her as I rolled the window down. I could make out no details of the officer because he shined the flashlight in our eyes and the squad car’s flashing lights were blinding. “What are you doing here? Where are you from? Where are...

 Opinion    March 6, 2015

One more test for high school? Yes, please!

Is our children learn good? It’s a question many parents have, especially since the Common Core lesson plan replaced the equally unpopular Rare Periphery curriculum. Even people who don’t have kids in the schools worry that the next generation of voters will be as thick as a Shamrock Shake when it comes to civics, and hence will make ill-informed choices. Unlike adults, of course, who agonized over their vote and stood in the booth clutching...

 Opinion    March 6, 2015

Cabin Country: Second home is on ice

I love to ice fish. I was about 8 years old when I started ice fishing with my father many years ago. We would fish several different local lakes in the metro area. We didn’t have an icehouse or a portable. We sat on a plastic bucket in the elements, used old jig sticks and used a hand auger to drill holes. One summer in the 1970s, he asked me if I wanted to build an icehouse. I jumped at the opportunity. We built one with a couple bunks. It...

 Opinion    March 4, 2015

State should partner with tribes on legalized marijuana

When it comes to marijuana, Washington comes off as the granny state of recreational pot when compared with Colorado. Let’s face it, the rollout here has been glacial. As of last week, Seattle had just nine state-licensed stores. Nine.

 Opinion    March 3, 2015

Aquash case might help solve other cold cases from Wounded Knee

Now that John Graham is in prison for life for murdering Annie Mae Aquash in December 1975 on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, perhaps other cold cases related to the Wounded Knee incidents four decades ago can be solved, said Marty Jackley Monday.

 Opinion    March 2, 2015

Smart proposals to help Minnesota's Indian students

A “miigwech” and “pidamaya” — Ojibwe and Dakota for “thank you” — is in order for Minnesota Education Commissioner Brenda Cassellius and a working group of American Indian leaders and educators convened after Star Tribunes editorials documented deplorable conditions at the Bug-O-Nay-Ge-Shig High School near Bena....

 Opinion    March 2, 2015

The fire burns yet

A few years ago, I was invited to attend a traditional Haida memorial ceremony. It was for a prominent community member in Old Masset on Haida Gwaii, off British Columbia. Before the potlatch, a friend casually mentioned a highly unusual event. When the man had died a few months earlier, a school of killer whales came into the harbour, right up close to the shoreline near his house. Killer whales were one of the deceased’s hereditary crests,...

 Opinion    March 2, 2015

A response to the question of First Nations boarding schools

On our last show, we heard a case for boarding schools for First Nations students. Long time First Nations educator Waubageshig (Harvey McCue) argued that some aboriginal children live in "toxic environments" with overcrowding, poor nutrition, and abuse. He says those children would get the love and care they need if they were removed from home and sent to aboriginal-run boarding schools.

 Opinion    February 27, 2015

Tribal Sovereignty Gets Big Boost in Obama's New Budget

A historic event happened in Indian Country this month. As part of President Obama’s budget request to Congress, federal funding for tribal contract support costs (CSC) for three years beginning in 2017 will be moved from the "discretionary" to "mandatory non-discretionary" category within the federal budget. Contract support costs are critical to the administration of Indian Health Service and the Bureau of Indian Affairs. This is a huge step...

 Opinion    February 26, 2015

Higher Ground: Driving While Stoned and Native Americans Pow-Wow Over Pot

It should be noted that I’m not exactly a shill for the marijuana industry. (Though product samples can be dropped off at the Weekly offices: make sure to mark packages “Legal Marijuana” lest they be confiscated by the federal post office.) That said, when there’s positive news related to cannabis, given my predilection for smoking the stuff, I have every intention of highlighting the study, report, innovation, or miracle cure—if only...


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