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 Opinion    September 2, 2014 

Pioneer Editorial: Time for school already?

It’s September. That means school. Today marks the first day of school for K-12 students in Minnesota. (BSU started last week.)...

 Opinion    September 2, 2014 

Legalized Pot Is a Mess of Trouble for Tribes

While a patchwork of state laws have given marijuana quasi-legal status in 24 states, status on many tribal lands remains prohibited, or at best uncertain. Many tribes are content to adhere to federal prohibitions, but in PL 83-280 states (notably Washington, with legal recreational use), some are considering or even embracing the economic development potential of growing and distributing marijuana. Read more at http://indianc...

 Opinion    September 1, 2014

'Siouxper Drunk' T-Shirts Constitutionally Protected; Critics Call for Expulsion Anyway

Earlier this month, a group of University of North Dakota (UND) students attending the off-campus event “Springfest” drew criticism for wearing shirts that read “Siouxper Drunk” and depicted a Native American drinking from a beer bong. While the First Amendment prohibits a public university like UND from imposing discipline on the students for the content of the T-shirts, some students and local Native American tribe members are calling...

 Opinion    September 1, 2014

Tina Fontaine's death shows how little is being done for indigenous women

Growing up on an urban reserve, I still remember my excited anticipation as the first day of grade 10 grew near – the friends I would make, the teachers I would have, the possibilities of the school year ahead. This is a feeling Tina Fontaine will never know, as her life was ended violently last week just before the 15-year-old was to head back to school alongside her peers in Winnipeg. Prior to her death, Tina had run away from her group home...

 Opinion    August 28, 2014

rotect the public from deadly threat of flu

With the elderly comprising an estimated 90 percent of seasonal influenza’s death toll, the flu vaccination rate among a group of professionals working closely with this age group — staff at hospitals, clinics and nursing homes — should be 100 percent or very close....

 Opinion    August 28, 2014

Tribal Per Capitas, Disenrollment & Academia

More precisely, disenrollment is about tribal per capitas. Is there an economic level at which per capita distributions do not trigger self-termination tendencies? Sadly, there is no empirical data that bears that out. See more at:

 Opinion    August 27, 2014

The police are armed for the threats they face

The irony of stacking police-related articles — “U.S. to review arming police” and “Slain cops now saving their own — on the Aug. 24 front page hopefully gave readers something to think about. The first article suggested that police have become too militarized with their “assault rifles,” body armor and armored vehicles. The second brought attention to Minnesota police officers killed in the line of duty and highlighted the deaths...

 Opinion    August 27, 2014

Editor's Comments – August 22, 2014: Second round of Cobell payments coming soon?

Once again, the second round, or Trust Administration Class Members of Cobell Payments has stalled. The recent court document filed as “Plaintiff’s Status Report Regarding Process on Efforts to Commence Trust Administration Class Payments” filed July 14, 2014, stated that the Department of Interior (“DOI”) reported that it would be completed by August 30, 2014 once they completed updating of approximately 200 class members impacting...

 Opinion    August 27, 2014

Pine Ridge -- the Hollywood of Indian Country

I have subscribed to Lakota Country Times for several years and am always rewarded with yet another story of victorhood (as opposed to victimhood), especially among our youth up there. This time it’s in the art of film making....

 Opinion    August 26, 2014

Eagle was keeper of culture

It is a marvel to many Ojibwe people how a community like Neyaashiing on the Mille Lacs Indian Reservation could be so successful in maintaining their culture. They’ve fared better than most of their neighbors in this regard in spite of the fact that they are located a little over 100 miles from Minneapolis and have a small population surrounded by a sea of white resorts, hotels and summer homes. They’ve managed to keep Big Drum culture in...

 Opinion    August 25, 2014

Brutal Violence in Border Towns Linked to Colonization

In the early morning hours of July 19, 2014 three teenagers entered an empty dirt parking lot in Albuquerque’s Westside. The lot is well known as a sleeping site for the homeless. The teens proceeded to viciously bludgeon Allison Gorman and Kee Thompson beyond recognition while the two men slept. Gorman, from Shiprock, and Thompson, from Church Rock, were Diné. Jerome Eskeets, who is also Diné, narrowly escaped with his life. Read more at...

 Opinion    August 25, 2014

Fixing the education system for our Indian children

It is encouraging that more and more individuals, groups, tribes, and government officials are recognizing the need for major change in Indian education....

 Opinion    August 25, 2014

How to stop an epidemic of native deaths

“We should not view this as a sociological phenomenon. We should view it as crime.” That is how Stephen Harper on Thursday responded to demands for a national inquiry into the epidemic of missing and murdered aboriginal women. The Prime Minister is at least half right. The death of 15-year-old Tina Fontaine surely was a crime....

 Opinion    August 25, 2014

Police Brutality Against Black and Brown People: We're In This Together

Native people are the most loving people in the world. And it makes sense—so many of us have seen this movie before. Read more at

 Opinion    August 22, 2014

Janet Stewart: Candid cop puts spotlight on Tina Fontaine slaying

It hasn’t been easy reading the news lately, and I’m sure it hasn’t been easy watching it. There have been so many sad stories to report....

 Opinion    August 22, 2014

Jeffrey Whalen: Oglala Sioux Tribe's police force is in shambles

On the morning of August 18th, 2014 I woke up early around 6:00 a.m., and checked my Facebook page. My daughter had sent a message where she wanted me to look at a video that was apparently recorded the day before. I found the video, watched it and what I saw was horrifying. The following is a graphical description of what was on the video....

 Opinion    August 21, 2014

Editorial: Indian band chief's huge pay raises questions

Controversy surrounding the business dealings of B.C. aboriginal chief Ron Giesbrecht demonstrates why a federal law aimed at promoting financial transparency on reserves does not go nearly far enough. Read more:

 Opinion    August 20, 2014

Generation Next tackles 'solvable' problem in schools

Former Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak describes the significant learning disparities between white and minority students in Minnesota a “solvable’’ problem....

 Opinion    August 18, 2014

With the First Nations Financial Transparency Act, seeing is believing

The First Nations Financial Transparency Act has only been law for a year and a half, but it has already shown its worth. Without it, the startlingly disproportionate compensation to Chief Ron Giesbrecht of the Kwikwetlem First Nation in Coquitlam, B.C. would not have come to light....

 Opinion    August 18, 2014

President's policy on border crisis is inhuman

“American Indians welcome our people from Central America; They are refugees.” So reads a headline from a recent Native American online publication. This should be the sentiment of all decent-minded Americans. In fact, it is, as the latest polls indicate that 69 percent of the American people are in favor of the border-crisis children staying in this country....

 Opinion    August 15, 2014

Guest: What does it mean to be white?

I AM white. I have spent years studying what it means to be white in a society that proclaims race meaningless, yet is deeply divided by race. This is what I have learned: Any white person living in the United States will develop opinions about race simply by swimming in the water of our culture....

 Opinion    August 13, 2014

Wanted this fall: A vigorous Minnesota campaign

Compared to memorable primary election battles in 1966, 1978, 1982, 1994 and even 2010, this year’s major-party primaries offered a fairly tame prelude to the general election campaign. This year — for a change — the biggest contests were in the GOP column. Perhaps because that party is unaccustomed to allowing primary voters to settle nomination fights, its campaigns were light on the sharp exchanges and diversity of perspectives that...

 Opinion    August 13, 2014

Don't Get Burned by Fake First Nations/American Indian Books and Authors

I can certainly appreciate and always encourage Canadians (in fact, anyone) to learn more about First Nations culture. This is one major step forward in Indigenous - Settler relations....

 Opinion    August 13, 2014

Marijuana Legalization Must Remain Public Policy Debate

As someone who has had the unique experience of witnessing America’s drug war from both the front lines and the prison camps, and as someone who is an Ivy League graduate who has spent the last decade advocating for the legalization of marijuana, I found a recent column printed by the Indian Country Today Media network both disturbing and offensive. Read more at

 Opinion    August 12, 2014

Auditing Tribal Sovereignty

In 1977 preeminent Native theorist Vine Deloria, Jr., was asked to write a paper about the current state of Indian affairs in the U.S. Deloria, already famous for his ground-breaking Custer Died for Your Sins, commenced to craft an essay which tackled the most difficult questions that bedeviled Indian Country—issues like federal recognition, membership, Native claims against the US, rejuvenating a land base, etc. His analysis was astonishing...


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