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 Opinion    May 27, 2015 

Juggling a delicate walleye balance

Over many years, too many walleyes taken from Red Lake by the Red Lake Band of Chippewa and by sport anglers and poachers resulted in a collapse of the lake’s walleye fishery in the late 1990s. The Chippewa and the state responded by shutting down Red Lake walleye harvesting and intensively stocking the lake. Not until the summer of 2006 did the DNR again allow walleye fishing on the portion of Upper Red within its jurisdiction. About 83...

 Opinion    May 27, 2015 

Red Tide is Turning Against Tribal Disenrollment

This spring there has been a surge of tribal public opinion against the practice of tribal disenrollment. The tide of tribal public opinion is dramatically turning on that non-indigenous mode of Indian self-termination, and those tribes and tribal leaders who extinguish their kin. Most recently, Marty Two Bulls drew and pubished this political cartoon: See more at:

 Opinion    May 27, 2015 

Recognizing Genocide and Moving Toward Liberation: Not Counting Mexicans and Indians, Part II

Truthout combats corporate power by bringing you trustworthy, independent news. Join our mission by making a donation now! The mass media continues to discuss instances of police violence in this country as aberrations, bypassing the larger systems that drive them. This line of thinking actually contributes to the national crisis we are living - a crisis that goes beyond "human rights abuses." We are dealing with crimes against humanity,...

 Opinion    May 26, 2015

Memorial Day 2015: What it means to be an American Indian veteran

“Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.” These words are ingrained in us. We sing them proudly at ballgames, and BBQ’s, firework displays and ceremonies honoring the many occasions of celebration and remembrance that make us all American. Most likely choruses of our national anthem will be performed many times over this Memorial Day weekend in honor of our veterans. It’s America’s way of paying tribute for their service. This...

 Opinion    May 26, 2015

In Response to War of the Words: ICWA Hearings Reignite Ancient Battle Over Indian Children

Rarely, if ever, do I extend myself to a social media rant. This is primarily because I'm not sure that such things ever change opinions and belief systems. That said, I'm going to take a moment to do just that. Feel free to tune out—I won't be offended. Statements such as this one (from the May 21 ICTMN article, "War of Words: ICWA Hearings Reignite Ancient Clash Over Indian Children, Part 1") anger me: Read more at https:/...

 By Congressman Collin Peterson    Opinion    May 25, 2015

Peterson Op-Ed: Time to Get Serious About Transportation Funding

A few days ago, the House of Representatives passed another short-term, limited patch to address the growing funding crisis for transportation in this country. Meanwhile, shovel-ready projects in the 7th District stand idle. Time is of the essence. In Minnesota, our lingering, cold winters leave a short window for the construction season. Long-term certainty is the only way to ensure that local communities can have the time and flexibility they...

 Opinion    May 25, 2015

How One U.S. President Became a Native Advocate

Old tribal leaders will sometimes volunteer that the best time for Indian governments was during the Nixon administration. Richard M. Nixon, in his July 1970 address to Congress, asked Congress to honor Indian treaties, strengthen tribal governments, allow tribes to subcontract federal programs, and invite tribal communities to engage in decision making over their own futures. Nixon’s policy change toward tribal self-determination was a landmar...

 Opinion    May 25, 2015

American Indians Serve in the U.S. Military in Greater Numbers Than Any Ethnic Group and Have Since the Revolution

On this Memorial Day holiday, as we remember those who have given their lives in service to our country while protecting the freedoms and ideals we hold dear, many of our fellow Americans remain unaware of the major contributions Native Americans have made to our nation's armed forces. In fact, American Indians serve in their country's armed forces in greater numbers per capita than any other ethnic group, and they have served with distinction...

 Opinion    May 25, 2015

How Andrew Jackson turned on his former Cherokee allies

Surely everyone knows, or should know, about the Cherokee Trail of Tears — an ordeal imposed upon thousands of Cherokees who, after fighting and winning a judgment in the Supreme Court against their removal from the Eastern Seaboard, were nonetheless dispossessed of their tribal lands and marched to Indian Territory in the early 1830s. The scale of the removal was staggering. Not only the Cherokee but also the Muskogee, Seminole, Chickasaw,...

 Opinion    May 19, 2015

Reject Patient Research Without Consent

ST. PAUL, Minn.—Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom (CCHF,, a Minnesota-based national organization dedicated to preserving patient-centered health care and protecting patient and privacy rights, is calling on Rep. Fred Upton, chair of the House Energy & Commerce Committee, to table proposals that will allow Americans to be used as research subjects without their consent. According to a report by the Committee, the 21st...

 Opinion    May 18, 2015

The gender gap in pay: Both real and overstated

Some occasions invite word associations: Christmas/presents. July /fireworks. Birthday/cake. April 14 was Equal Pay Day. The word that comes to mind: baloney. Perhaps you missed the occasion? Good. Equal Pay Day is exquisitely forgettable, because both sides in the debate over pay equality for women grind out a product more closely associated with Hormel lunch meat than rational discourse.

 Opinion    May 18, 2015

Closing the tribal bar is not the answer

Mescalero Apache tribal members will be voting, on May 12, on the question: "Shall the Mescalero Apache Tribe permanently close the tribal bar?" I believe the question is misstated. The more appropriate question should be: "Shall the Mescalero Apache Tribe be allowed to impose its values and morals on the entire membership of the Tribe?" We need only remember our grade school history lessons to recall that the pilgrims left England and came to...

 Opinion    May 18, 2015

Why are 11,000 kids in foster care in Manitoba?

Last month, I resigned from my communications position in the child welfare field. The child welfare system is complex, challenging, historically painful and continues to be excruciatingly hard. On everyone. Who hasn't seen the news stories? Children and families struggle. Workers have to navigate all kinds of bureaucratic political stuff.

 Opinion    May 15, 2015

Why was a child at a protest?

My fellow Your Voices blogger Nekima Levy-Pounds wrote a post this morning about a 10-year-old boy who was pepper sprayed by a Minneapolis police officer during a street protest in downtown Minneapolis last evening. Levy-Pounds wrote: "Last night, I received some startling news that a ten year old boy was pepper sprayed by a Minneapolis police officer during a march through downtown. Please let that sink in for a moment ... a 10-year-old...

 Opinion    May 15, 2015

"Trail of beers" – the perfect example of mascot-induced stereotypes and racism

When I was at the United Nations conference last week, we held a meeting on indigenous issues. I brought up the mascot issue in one of the three questions allotted during the panel, and we discussed current work happening to resolve it. One guest in the room made the comment, “What about Chicago Blackhawks? I don’t ever hear anyone talking about them…” I replied to her that they are talking, but that doesn’t mean you’ve heard much...

 Opinion    May 15, 2015

Sioux Suicides

Sightings of religion-related stories among members of Sioux tribes in South Dakota, one would think, could be beyond the scope of the national media, yet two independent stories win space this week on the front pages of, e.g., the New York Times. One with immediate national political implications is headlined "Grass-Roots Push in the Plains to Block the Keystone Pipeline's Path." Ms. Faith Spotted Eagle, a Yankton Sioux leader, speaks for her...

 Opinion    May 14, 2015

Minnesotans, meet the new meth - not the same as the old meth

The next methamphetamine surge isn’t looming around the corner — it is here right now. Methamphetamine use in the Twin Cities has reached the same level it was at in 2005, at the peak of our first epidemic. According to the new report, “Drug Abuse Trends in Minneapolis/St. Paul: 2015,” released last week by Drug Abuse Dialogues, 2,593 people entered treatment in the Twin Cities for addiction to methamphetamine in 2014 (about 12 percent...

 Opinion    May 12, 2015

Haskell Indian Nations University: A field of dream

Haskell Indian Nations University (“Haskell”) is the premiere tribal university in the United States offering quality education to Native American students. Haskell’s student population averages about 1000 per semester, and all students are members of federally recognized tribes. Haskell’s faculty and staff is predominantly native. Haskell offers Associate and Bachelors degrees. Haskell’s historic campus is centrally located in...

 Opinion    May 11, 2015

Letter to the Editor: Thank you planners of 5th Annual Gathering of Elders

THANK YOU PLANNERS, BARB, AND CHERI FOR ALL OF THE HARD WORK PLANNING AND HOSTING THE FIFTH ANNUAL GATHERING OF ELDERS! This is a big thank you for the most enjoyable Fifth Annual Gathering of Elders. It was a jam-packed session with such good information from directors of various programs. We had so much fun surrounded by people with big smiles. The comedians were terrific. Because of them, we all laughed so hard, we had tears coming down our...

 Opinion    May 11, 2015

Flip the Rez Tax to Pump Money Into Indian Country

Just as the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in White Mountain Apache Tribe v. Bracker, 448 U.S. 136, 143 (1980), has been construed to allow state governments to reach into Indian country and collect taxes on reservation transactions involving non-Indians, tribal governments should be able to reach beyond their boundaries, and generate revenue from off-reservation transactions involving their members. Bracker and its progeny stem from the notion...

 Opinion    May 8, 2015

Walleyes expected to be spread out for the opener

The long wait for the 2015 Minnesota walleye opener is over, with the season opening at 12:01 am this Saturday morning. Approximately half a million anglers are expected to fish the lakes in Minnesota when the season opens for walleyes, northern pike and trout living in lakes.

 Opinion    May 8, 2015

With 10 days left in Minnesota's legislative session, visions clash

With just 10 days to go in the 2015 legislative session, deep policy divisions separate the Republican majority in the Minnesota House, the DFL majority in the Senate and DFL Gov. Mark Dayton. In a pair of commentaries, legislative leaders lay out their cases: • House Speaker Kurt Daudt says the GOP is determined to protect middle-class Minnesotans from tax hikes while investing carefully in long-term priorities. • Senate Majority Leader...

 Opinion    May 8, 2015

NCAI Responds to Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee's Comment Re: Native Americans as "Bad Guys"

The National Congress of American Indians President Brian Cladoosby released the following response in reaction to Governor Mike Huckabee’s quote: “This week I learned about Governor Huckabee’s speech announcing his candidacy for U.S. President and was dismayed to hear him compare Native Americans to jihadists. “When I hear our current president say he wants Christians to get off their high horse so we can make nice with radical...

 Opinion    May 5, 2015

Eight reasons racism is real in America

Not everyone in America can appreciate how much racism is still very much an issue in this country, one that pervades many aspects of life. As many studies show, white Americans are often cut off from the realities of racism, living within homogeneous social networks and communities. But if you have any doubts about whether racism still exists in America, a three-minute video from Brave New Films, a California-based company that makes films to...

 Opinion    May 4, 2015

Editorial counterpoint: Put 3 percent into general education formula

As the association that represents school boards across the state, the Minnesota School Boards Association would like to counter the meager amount of funding the Star Tribune’s Editorial Board would put on the general funding formula for education (“How we’d craft the state budget,” April 12). With 333 very different school districts across the state, the best way to fund schools is to invest money in the general funding formula. It...


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