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 Opinion    November 23, 2015

The ISIS Fight, Part I: Take It From Indians-Religious Wars Stink

Once upon a time, in a far away desert hell-hole, there began Al Qaeda in Iraq, born in 2004 to oppose the U.S. invasion there. Its leaders came to doubt the worth of the Al Qaeda brand and so Al Qaeda in Iraq begat the Islamic State of Iraq in 2006, which begat the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) or the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in 2013, which begat the Islamic State, claiming to be their resurrection of the Muslim...

 Opinion    November 12, 2015

Counterpoint: Why racism and 'whiteness' matter

The commentary “Racism in schools is overstated” (Nov. 8) reflects one decidedly dominant way of thinking in society. I’ve not been in the world of education nearly as long as Mitch Pearlstein, and I certainly express the vigor that many in my generation have. Therefore, with respect, I want to share the different viewpoint of a young, enthusiastic teacher who is embracing the journey of understanding my “whiteness.” I applaud...

 Opinion    November 12, 2015

Your Views: Letting Native Americans hunt at night isn't sporting

The deer herd in the ceded territory is at an all-time low. This is why it is buck-only hunting. Will allowing Native Americans to hunt at night be sporting, temporarily blinding an animal and then slaughtering it because it has no chance to escape? Do Native Americans need the venison for sustenance as their forefathers did? If you are 10 percent or more Native American, you get a government check and also a check from the gambling casinos....

 Opinion    October 30, 2015

Do Indian Lives Matter? Police Violence Against Native Americans

With all our talk about police violence aimed at poor and minority communities, we have yet to talk about the group most likely to be killed by law enforcement: Native Americans. Native American men are incarcerated at four times the rate of white men and Native American women are sent to prison at six times the rate of white women. Those are pretty stunning statistics on their own. Even more stunning is that although Native Americans comprise...

 Opinion    October 28, 2015

Letter to the Editor: Thank you State Rep. Hancock

To the editor, I want to personally thank State Representative Dave Hancock for his hard work and strong support for improving propane affordability and accessibility in Greater Minnesota. It appears we will avoid the propane crunches of previous years this harvest season, but changes are needed to ensure a stable supply for the long haul. The House led to passage this year legislation expanding access and increasing the affordability of...

 Opinion    October 28, 2015

Negative Consumer Credit Information because of Mystic Lake Casino Management Policies

Dear Editor: I feel I have no where else to turn. An insufficient funds check written while at Mystic Lake back in 2013, and completely repaid is still being reported to Credit bureaus monthly. The Chicago collection agency vendor Mystic Lake chose to service checks, has repeatedly refused to comply with my requests to just stop. They have been paid with penalties, but persist negatively influencing my credit score. I lay the blame for these...

 Opinion    October 27, 2015

Working Families Agenda will help my small business' bottom line

As a business owner, I strive to do what I can to lift up the community I serve in the Central neighborhood of Minneapolis. It’s the whole reason I do what I do. When my customers don’t have enough in their pockets to pay for a meal, I often cover them until Friday comes and they get paid. So when I heard about the Working Families Agenda, and the opportunity to create a better quality of life for working people across the city, I was...

 Opinion    October 27, 2015

The myths surrounding Highway of Tears

The scandal of the week at the B.C. legislature concerns deleted emails. Primarily, it revolves around 36 pages of government emails the NDP opposition has been trying for a year to get under freedom of information legislation. They relate to a series of meetings between transportation ministry bureaucrats and remote communities along Highway 16, between Prince George and Prince Rupert.

 Opinion    October 26, 2015

Student loans: Interest rates keep borrowers in the hole

A year ago last week, I officially started paying back my student loans. Although I finished my undergraduate degree in December 2010, a unique set of circumstances allowed me (or forced me) to put off my payback for a number of years. Upon graduation, I immediately enrolled in grad school, and with the help of a scholarship was able to pay for that tuition out of pocket. Because I was still a student, I did not have to make payments on my...

 Opinion    October 26, 2015

My Father, the Drunk Savant

Editor’s Note: The following was previously published in The Burrow Press Review. My father died at the Thunderbird Motel on Flood Hope Road. According to documents, he was beaten over a cigarette or a prostitute. I prefer the cigarette. I considered it an Indian death myself, while walking along the country roads of my reservation. His death intruded, and I could not fathom being a good person when I came from such misery. He was an anomaly,...

 Opinion    October 26, 2015

Truth and Reconciliation: A succinct overview of education

Most people who have involved themselves with the local Truth and Reconciliation efforts have come to understand that it is a process that could take many years. At the heart of this process is educating one another of its importance and thinking through what it will take to get from one's truth to a position of reconciliation. Everyone has their own truth, honesty, sincerity and conformity with facts. Reconciliation requires people work...

 Opinion    October 26, 2015

Are Tribes Cutting Their Own Throats With Disenrollment?

Tribes across the continent are now forming the habit of disenrolling its members. At what cost? Not only does disenrollment tear away family ties from within the tribe, but it leaves those caught up in its wake in a state of "cultural homelessness", and weakens the tribes federal recognition. Recently, the Saginaw Tribe of Michigan disenrolled 237 tribal members, many of them deceased. The Grand Ronde Tribe of Oregon also disenrolled a large...

 Opinion    October 23, 2015

Capitol's paintings should go

A controversy has emerged in Minnesota regarding the offensive portrayal of American Indians in paintings displayed at the state capitol. The capitol building began renovation back in 2013 — a project that cost $309 million. The renovation is set for completion in 2017, but it seems four pieces of art in the capitol will reappear upon reopening, despite the fact that they negatively portray American Indians. These paintings portray American...

 Opinion    October 19, 2015

What does it take to become a physician?

Tomorrow I talk to the first year medical students at the University of Minnesota, Duluth School of Medicine. I never really know for certain what I will tell them. I get to do this every year and usually in October. I generally start by showing “Walking into the Unknown” and use that as a launching point for further discussion. I vividly remember being a first year medical student and sitting in the front row, second seat from the right....

 Opinion    October 14, 2015

Chaos in Congress impacts Indian Country's future

So what is going on with Congress? One Speaker of the House retires. Another says he’s in — until he’s out. And it’s hard to keep track of what all this means for Indian Country. Let’s break it down. As I have written before there are really three parties in Congress these days: Democrats, Republicans and a right-wing splinter group either called the Freedom Caucus or the Tea Party. On many issues the right wing votes and calls...

 Opinion    October 8, 2015

When we forbid rough play, kids get hurt

No roughhousing. No superhero games. No turning your fingers — or your Pop-Tart — into a make-believe gun. No tag. And certainly no dodge ball. Stories of zero-tolerance play-policing by schools are a well-established news genre. Most recently, parents in Washington state mounted a successful campaign to force the Mercer Island School District to reverse its ban on playing tag during “unstructured playtime,” or what used to be called...

 Opinion    October 7, 2015

Far too many missing and murdered Native women

A similar story was told across Canada this weekend: Too many Native women have gone missing or have been murdered. In Winnipeg, one event organizer, Hilda Anderson-Pyrz, put it this way: “As well as Aboriginal women, Indigenous women and girls we all deserve to be loved and valued and to feel safe. That we shouldn’t have to live in a society and worry about if we’re next. If we are going to be next to be murdered or to go missing. We need...

 Opinion    October 6, 2015

It's our gun culture that's mentally ill

OK. I have nothing to lose, so I’m going to go all the way out to the edge on this gun issue. In 2005, I watched as my friends at Red Lake were killed, traumatized and besieged by reporters, then forgotten, after a confused and alienated kid drove to the school where I had worked and killed seven people. I am, as I write this, on a plane back to my home in Portland, Ore., 180 miles north of the mass-murder site in the town of Roseburg, where I...

 Opinion    October 5, 2015

The ups and downs of growing up Half-Breed

As acknowledged many times in columns, I am of mixed heritage, Irish and Cheyenne, and in my younger years, raised off the reservation, learning quickly from white folks in Prairie County, Mont., it is not good to be “half-breed”. At a young age, my younger brother Tom and I were shipped to live with Grandmother Kinzel on the Northern Cheyenne Reservation, source of our Indian roots. “Do you think the Indians will like us?” he asked....

 Opinion    October 2, 2015

Walleye bite should be picking up

Lakes in the Bemidji area continue to cool down, with most lakes now having surface water temperatures around 60 degrees. Much of the Bemidji area received their first frost of the season earlier this week, which is really late in the fall for this far north.

 Opinion    October 1, 2015

Are charter schools unconstitutional?

As millions of American students, including 840,000 in Minnesota, headed back to public schools a few weeks ago, a ruling by the Supreme Court in the state of Washington outlawing charter schools in that state sent shock waves throughout the nation’s educational establishment. The reverberations could shake education in Minnesota, too. In early September, on a 6-3 vote, the judges in Washington agreed with the charter school challengers — a...

 Opinion    September 29, 2015

In Our Opinion - Sheriff did the right thing

Mendocino County Sheriff Tom Allman sent his deputies this week, with a warrant. to the Pinoleville Rancheria to put a stop to the marijuana growing operation that few believe was any kind of legitimate medical operation. Our understanding is that United Cannabis, the Colorado corporation that was partnering to help with the tribe’s claimed medicinal operation pulled out some time ago. Sheriff Allman had warned the tribe on day one of their...

 Opinion    September 23, 2015

Here we go again: Another government closure is near

Once again Congress is finding it impossible to pass spending bills — and time is running out. The federal government appropriates money and runs its programs from October 1st through the end of September. The House and the Senate are supposed to enact appropriations and then pass on that legislation to the president for his signature. That is how it is supposed to work. But the entire process is chaotic. Think of Congress this way. There are...

 Opinion    September 22, 2015

Smoke Signals: Washington State And Suquamish Tribe Ink First Ever Marijuana Compact

The Suquamish Tribe and the State of Washington recently signed and entered into the nation’s first marijuana compact to allow a Native American Tribe to cultivate, process, and sell marijuana within a state’s highly regulated marijuana system. I previously blogged about how Washington was the first state to adopt a compacting system for tribes and regulated marijuana, but this signed compact reveals more about what tribes can expect when...

 Opinion    September 21, 2015

All Native Americans not the environmentalists portrayed

It is interesting how we force such extreme and simplistic stereotypes on Native Americans. When I was growing up in the ‘50s, the idea that Indians were dirty savages was dying out. But still, despite Tonto, comic books usually portrayed them as bad guys and always untrustworthy and referred to them as “Injuns” and “Redskins.” Just a decade earlier, Native Americans were often treated as badly in the North as African-Americans were in...


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