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 Opinion    March 6, 2015 

One more test for high school? Yes, please!

Is our children learn good? It’s a question many parents have, especially since the Common Core lesson plan replaced the equally unpopular Rare Periphery curriculum. Even people who don’t have kids in the schools worry that the next generation of voters will be as thick as a Shamrock Shake when it comes to civics, and hence will make ill-informed choices. Unlike adults, of course, who agonized over their vote and stood in the booth clutching...

 Opinion    March 6, 2015 

Cabin Country: Second home is on ice

I love to ice fish. I was about 8 years old when I started ice fishing with my father many years ago. We would fish several different local lakes in the metro area. We didn’t have an icehouse or a portable. We sat on a plastic bucket in the elements, used old jig sticks and used a hand auger to drill holes. One summer in the 1970s, he asked me if I wanted to build an icehouse. I jumped at the opportunity. We built one with a couple bunks. It...

 Opinion    March 4, 2015

State should partner with tribes on legalized marijuana

When it comes to marijuana, Washington comes off as the granny state of recreational pot when compared with Colorado. Let’s face it, the rollout here has been glacial. As of last week, Seattle had just nine state-licensed stores. Nine.

 Opinion    March 3, 2015

Aquash case might help solve other cold cases from Wounded Knee

Now that John Graham is in prison for life for murdering Annie Mae Aquash in December 1975 on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, perhaps other cold cases related to the Wounded Knee incidents four decades ago can be solved, said Marty Jackley Monday.

 Opinion    March 2, 2015

Smart proposals to help Minnesota's Indian students

A “miigwech” and “pidamaya” — Ojibwe and Dakota for “thank you” — is in order for Minnesota Education Commissioner Brenda Cassellius and a working group of American Indian leaders and educators convened after Star Tribunes editorials documented deplorable conditions at the Bug-O-Nay-Ge-Shig High School near Bena....

 Opinion    March 2, 2015

The fire burns yet

A few years ago, I was invited to attend a traditional Haida memorial ceremony. It was for a prominent community member in Old Masset on Haida Gwaii, off British Columbia. Before the potlatch, a friend casually mentioned a highly unusual event. When the man had died a few months earlier, a school of killer whales came into the harbour, right up close to the shoreline near his house. Killer whales were one of the deceased’s hereditary crests,...

 Opinion    March 2, 2015

A response to the question of First Nations boarding schools

On our last show, we heard a case for boarding schools for First Nations students. Long time First Nations educator Waubageshig (Harvey McCue) argued that some aboriginal children live in "toxic environments" with overcrowding, poor nutrition, and abuse. He says those children would get the love and care they need if they were removed from home and sent to aboriginal-run boarding schools.

 Opinion    February 27, 2015

Tribal Sovereignty Gets Big Boost in Obama's New Budget

A historic event happened in Indian Country this month. As part of President Obama’s budget request to Congress, federal funding for tribal contract support costs (CSC) for three years beginning in 2017 will be moved from the "discretionary" to "mandatory non-discretionary" category within the federal budget. Contract support costs are critical to the administration of Indian Health Service and the Bureau of Indian Affairs. This is a huge step...

 Opinion    February 26, 2015

Higher Ground: Driving While Stoned and Native Americans Pow-Wow Over Pot

It should be noted that I’m not exactly a shill for the marijuana industry. (Though product samples can be dropped off at the Weekly offices: make sure to mark packages “Legal Marijuana” lest they be confiscated by the federal post office.) That said, when there’s positive news related to cannabis, given my predilection for smoking the stuff, I have every intention of highlighting the study, report, innovation, or miracle cure—if only...

 Opinion    February 23, 2015

Indian Thoughts on the Prayer Breakfast and the Pledge of Allegiance

F. Scott Fitzgerald might have been talking about American Indians when he wrote, “The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function.” Indians are in that position from the day they become self-aware of the predicament to which they were born. They either learn to deal with radical contradictions or curl up in a fetal position and be pummeled. Read...

 Opinion    February 23, 2015

Rez Should Say No to Pot-But A Huge YES to Hemp

In mid-December the Department of Justice announced that Indian nations may look towards enacting rules and regulations concerning the growing of marijuana on reservations for medicinal (commercial) and recreational (commercial) use. So far, not much has come of this, since the DEA considers marijuana a drug and illegal, they still enforce the draconian policies established by competitive industries, like the lumber and petroleum businesses, in...

 Opinion    February 23, 2015

My Voice: Suicides in Pine Ridge and culture of fear

In the wake of the disturbing Jan. 24 events at the Rapid City hockey game, people on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation were further stunned by a series of suicides by very young and beautiful children. The suicides seem to have gone unnoticed and seem unrelated to the event. But, questions remain amid the sorrow over so many young lives taken by suicide — by self-inflicted hangings — in a short period of time after a terrible event. It...

 Opinion    February 20, 2015

Mix high school with higher ed to aid Minnesota students

Several dozen students left Long Prairie Grey Eagle High School with two diplomas between 2010 and 2014 — one that says they graduated from high school and another that granted them an associate of arts degree. Those graduates participated in Minnesota’s dual-enrollment program and got both high school and college credits for their classes....

 Opinion    February 20, 2015

Anderson: How many deer is enough in Minnesota?

The Great Deer Debate of 2014-2015 could gain further traction at the Capitol if, as some hunters hope, the Legislature directs its auditor to review in detail the Department of Natural Resources’ whitetail management plan....

 Opinion    February 20, 2015

New York Fashion Week Designer steals from Northern Cheyenne/Crow artist Bethany Yellowtail

I write about cultural appropriation in fashion a lot. I’ve taken on big brands and small brands, arguing that our images and cultural property should be taken seriously. But today, things got personal. Brand KTZ’s Fall/Winter line at New York Fashion Week was “a tribute” to Indigenous peoples. There’s a lot to critique in the line (and I will), but nestled among the 45 looks was this dress:...

 Opinion    February 19, 2015

A wake-up call on tribal autopsies

Two recent deaths in our communities have become high-profile in Minnesota, bringing to light an egregious cultural insensitivity in the practices of the private business contracting medical examiner services out to Carlton, St. Louis and other counties. These deaths highlight a need to change the law....

 Opinion    February 13, 2015

"Adam Beach Film Experience"

Booshoo, Aneen, Aho, Relatives, I (Adam Beach) am writing you with an exciting new “Experience” I believe will kick start the creation the “Aboriginal Film Industry!”

 Opinion    February 13, 2015

Our View: Learn, avoid cultural disrespect

The cultural and spiritual beliefs of Native Americans, whether in northern Minnesota or elsewhere, are generations old, formed and handed down over thousands of years. They aren’t new. Quite the opposite. So it was beyond disturbing this week when those beliefs were challenged and even, some felt, disrespected — and not once but twice....

 Opinion    February 12, 2015

Transparency Act shows most First Nations chiefs fairly paid: Editorial

If the controversial First Nations Financial Transparency Act has achieved anything, it’s to correct an unfair public perception that most aboriginal leaders are highly overpaid....

 Opinion    February 9, 2015

Indian schools need a boost from GOP

With at least $1.3 billion needed to replace deteriorating Bureau of Indian Education schools in Minnesota and across the nation, the sum requested in the Obama administration’s 2016 budget for BIE school construction is a disappointment....

 Opinion    February 9, 2015

How American Indians Saved the Sport of Football

Last Sunday, we looked at an interesting perspective on the rise of football in the late 19th century: "Was American Football Invented Because of The End of The Indian Wars?" The theory was a component of a podcast about football by RadioLab, a WNYC radio program distributed by NPR. Read more at

 Opinion    February 9, 2015

Facebook don't believe in Indian names

This is the message I received from Facebook when I tried to sign in. At first I had thought it was because I switched my name to my father’s last name, which I had gone by up until high school when I received my birth certificate and realized not only was my middle name different but my last name was actually my mother’s maiden name. There isn’t much difference word wise to both last names. My mother’s is Lone Hill, my father’s is...

 Opinion    February 9, 2015

The Pope Makes a Mistake

Just when we thought the Papacy might be ready to confront its historical role in dispossessing and dominating indigenous peoples around the world, Pope Francis decides to carry forward the process started by John Paul II to make a saint of the man who founded the infamous California Indian missions in the 18th century. Read more at

 Opinion    February 6, 2015

Letter to the Editor: Redskins Name

Solved it! Been thinking about this for a while and here it is...Take the Indian off the logo and replace it with a picture of a Chi-mook. They are the true redskins. Ever see a true Shinob that's got a red face? We turn brown not red like they do That way the Man Dan could honor one of his own! WOULD NOT HAVE TO PUT UP WITH THE BAD PRESS. Well 'gots ta' go, have to get my chair at BINGO and do some more thinking. 'Lotsa' problems in this world...

 Opinion    February 6, 2015

Cobell Settlement turned into a deception

When Eloise Cobell sued the federal government for violating the trust of their wards, the American Indians, it was for individual violations not for collective violations....


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