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 Opinion    September 18, 2014

Minnesota men, women sharply divided on nearly everything

From politics to health care to the economy, even on political giving and race relations, Minnesota men and women hold vastly different opinions, according to a new Star Tribune Minnesota Poll....

 Opinion    September 18, 2014

ELECTION: Will Scotland go independent? And, if yes, is this a future for tribal nations?

What about Scotland? Will it vote to remain a part of the United Kingdom or go its own way? And, could this be a future for tribal nations?...

 Opinion    September 17, 2014

Minnesota Poll: Race relations same or worse since Obama

The hope that America’s first black president would help stitch together a more harmonious racial mosaic lies in tatters, as most people say race relations have stagnated or worsened since the 2008 election of Barack Obama, according to a Star Tribune Minnesota Poll....

 Opinion    September 17, 2014

When kids get the boot from schools

When you consider the possible scenarios that lead to a kid getting kicked out of school, what likely comes to mind is out-of-control teenage rule-breaking....

 Opinion    September 16, 2014

Minnesota Poll: Majority say state economy doing better

More than half of Minnesotans believe the state’s economy is in better shape now than four years ago, even though the same number say their personal finances are about the same, according to a Star Tribune Minnesota Poll....

 Opinion    September 16, 2014

Are Second-Round Payments for Cobell Coming Soon?

Once again, the second round, or Trust Administration Class Members of Cobell Payments has stalled. The recent court document filed as "Plaintiff's Status Report Regarding Process on Efforts to Commence Trust Administration Class Payments" filed July 14, 2014, stated that the Department of Interior ("DOI") reported that it would be completed by August 30, 2014 once they completed updating of approximately 200 class members impacting ownership...

 Opinion    September 15, 2014

U.S. Native American Policy of Assimilation

In the article about the One-Room Hamilton Schoolhouse, Todd Kelsey mentions that Margaret Jaenke did not remember there being any racial prejudices or issues like there were in the rest of the country at the time over the issue of assimilation when she was young growing up in the Anza Valley. This era of assimilation changed life for Native Americans in a drastic way the effects of which last into the modern age....

 Opinion    September 11, 2014

Counterpoint: Pipelines move oil safely and efficiently

Enbridge Energy has been safely operating in Minnesota for more than 65 years. Our pipelines cross rivers and streams, wetlands, agricultural fields, woodlands, towns and neighborhoods, moving energy to where it’s needed and used, and we are committed to keeping the environment safe, clean and protected. Just as it is for everyone, protecting the environment, habitats and wildlife is extremely important to us. We have invested more than $4...

 Opinion    September 10, 2014

Don't let gym class prevent graduation

A Minneapolis high school student who wants to attend an Ivy League school may need to load her schedule with advanced courses, leaving little time to fulfill the district’s physical-education requirement. A basketball player busy with his courses, practices and games may find himself in the same boat....

 Opinion    September 10, 2014

The NFL's absurd marijuana policy

Virtually every single player in the NFL has a certifiable need for medical marijuana. The game we celebrate creates a life of daily pain for those who play it. Some players choose marijuana to manage this pain, which allows them to perform at a high level without sacrificing their bodies or their minds....

 Opinion    September 9, 2014

Sovereign Means Sovereign! U.S. Must Stop Interfering With Tribal Nations

Congressional authority over Native nations has always been held to rest on the Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution. The Clause (Article 1, Section 8, Clause 3) claims that Congress has the power “to regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among several states, and with the Indian Tribes.” Read more at

 By Pat Nolan    Opinion    September 8, 2014

Rick Perry's Indictment Should Scare All Americans

“When I use a word, it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.”— Humpty Dumpty in Alice through the Looking Glass The indictment of Governor Rick Perry should send a shudder down the spine of every American. The vindictive special prosecutor used Humpty Dumpty’s logic to say statutes say the opposite of their plain meaning in order to charge the governor with a crime for exercising his lawful veto. If a popular...

 Opinion    September 8, 2014

Sex, Drugs and Blood Money on the Rez

As a judge for the Spirit Lake Nation and the Crow Creek Sioux Tribe and a new resident on southwestern North Dakota, I’m witnessing a frightening trend in Indian country. The oil boom is harming Native communities far beyond the Bakken....

 Opinion    September 8, 2014

For Natives in 2014, the Struggle Continues

"Kill the Indian... save the man." -Army Capt. Richard H. Pratt, founder Carlisle Indian School, in a speech given in 1892 "I would send a troop of United States soldiers, not to seize them [the children], but simply to be present as an expression of the power of the government. Then I would say to these people, 'Put your children in school'; and they would do it." -Jefferson Morgan, Commissioner of Indian Affairs Thomas...

 Opinion    September 8, 2014

Native Language Immersion Makes Students Better

As Congress considers two bills to support Native American language immersion, including the Native Language Immersion Student Achievement Act, it is time to take stock. What does research say about the impact of Native-language immersion on Native students’ academic achievement? We now have 30 years—more than a generation—of data on Native-language immersion in the U.S. and beyond. In this article I highlight key findings from this...

 Opinion    September 8, 2014

Why are we hesitant to name white male violence as a root cause of #MMIW?

Over the past few weeks, we have seen a rise in media coverage of violence against Indigenous girls and women following the murder of 15 year old Tina Fontaine. Discussion reached its peak last week during the annual meeting of premiers, which was seen as a venue to push for action to address the root causes of this ongoing atrocity. Yet as the meeting fades out of memory and Tina becomes the latest in the seemingly endless string of murdered...

 Opinion    September 8, 2014

Preparing American Indian Students for College

I forced my way onto the Minority Panel of The College Board in 1979 and it was one of the best experiences of my life. The president, George Hanford, is still my mentor. Every time I go to Boston I have lunch or dinner with him. Read more at

 Opinion    September 8, 2014

NAIPC calls for Cancellation of the United Nations World Conference on Indigenous Peoples

The North American Indigenous Peoples’ Caucus (NAIPC) to the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, which convened in Kamloops (Secwepemc Territory), British Columbia, Canada on March 1-2, 2014, has called for the cancellation of the World Conference on Indigenous Peoples in the letter below....

 Opinion    September 5, 2014

ELECTION: One day you're in .. and the next day you're out

A couple of weeks ago the political narrative for 2014 was all but final. The story went like this: President Barack Obama is so unpopular that Republicans will win the six seats they need to control the Senate. The big question was not “if” but whether there would be a Republican wave, much like the one in 2010....

 Opinion    September 4, 2014

Younger, better, faster, stronger. Rethinking the Native Voters of 2014.

I will admit a deep, dark secret. I am a baby boomer. (Or as my sons would say, I am old.) We boomers have had our way with politics, finances, the job market, pretty much everything. To use the favorite image, we are the pig in the python....

 Opinion    September 3, 2014

Columbus, greed, slavery, and genocide: what really happened to the American Indians

Given the conquests and consequences we see unfolding every day in the Middle East, now is a good time to look at the timeless reality of what happens to people who are in the way....

 Opinion    September 2, 2014

Pioneer Editorial: Time for school already?

It’s September. That means school. Today marks the first day of school for K-12 students in Minnesota. (BSU started last week.)...

 Opinion    September 2, 2014

Legalized Pot Is a Mess of Trouble for Tribes

While a patchwork of state laws have given marijuana quasi-legal status in 24 states, status on many tribal lands remains prohibited, or at best uncertain. Many tribes are content to adhere to federal prohibitions, but in PL 83-280 states (notably Washington, with legal recreational use), some are considering or even embracing the economic development potential of growing and distributing marijuana. Read more at http://indianc...

 Opinion    September 1, 2014

'Siouxper Drunk' T-Shirts Constitutionally Protected; Critics Call for Expulsion Anyway

Earlier this month, a group of University of North Dakota (UND) students attending the off-campus event “Springfest” drew criticism for wearing shirts that read “Siouxper Drunk” and depicted a Native American drinking from a beer bong. While the First Amendment prohibits a public university like UND from imposing discipline on the students for the content of the T-shirts, some students and local Native American tribe members are calling...

 Opinion    September 1, 2014

Tina Fontaine's death shows how little is being done for indigenous women

Growing up on an urban reserve, I still remember my excited anticipation as the first day of grade 10 grew near – the friends I would make, the teachers I would have, the possibilities of the school year ahead. This is a feeling Tina Fontaine will never know, as her life was ended violently last week just before the 15-year-old was to head back to school alongside her peers in Winnipeg. Prior to her death, Tina had run away from her group home...


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