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 Opinion    November 21, 2014 

'Am I Next?' campaign hits home with Fredericton student

I remember sitting in the first floor lounge in Harrington Hall. It was my first year. Some friends and I were cracking jokes and I think I was quoting the Chappelle Show when I got a phone call....

 Opinion    November 21, 2014 

A history of atrocities against American Indians

When Christopher Columbus and his men landed in the New World, he described in his log how the friendly Arawak Indians ran to greet them and offered food, water and gifts: “They do not bear arms, and do not know them, for I showed them a sword, they took it by the edge and cut themselves out of ignorance... They would make fine servants... With 50 men we could subjugate them all and make them do whatever we want.”...

 Opinion    November 19, 2014

Peterson only has himself to blame after ruling

The most artfully-written jokes are those that contain the punch line in the premise. Like this one: Adrian Peterson thinks his punishment is too harsh....

 Opinion    November 19, 2014

Funding, dedication are key to protecting kids

In light of recent coverage led by the Star Tribune, many people have offered perspectives on the important issue of improving our state’s child protection system. One viewpoint — ours — has been largely absent until now....

 Opinion    November 17, 2014

First Nations children not well served by chemotherapy ruling

Family and supporters are celebrating their victory in court. McMaster Children’s Hospital sought a court ruling that would force chemotherapy on an 11-year-old First Nations girl. On Friday, an Ontario judge dismissed their application....

 Opinion    November 17, 2014

Don't Listen to Predators

The greatest resource of a tribal nation is their people. Every elected tribal council has a responsibility to the membership that they serve but more importantly they have a sacred obligation to protect the welfare of their future generations. Read more at

 Opinion    November 17, 2014

Cobell checks and Skoal tins: How we do Thanksgiving in Indian Country

There is a natural reluctance to gratitude that comes at virtually any age. Ask a toddler if they are grateful for their juice box and the blank looks rival the same ones a teenager gives if you ask them if they appreciate the ten spot you gave them last week. A facial expression is worth a thousand words....

 Opinion    November 14, 2014

Cynicism deters candidates, voters

It’s time to admit the obvious: The U.S. political system is a very sick patient. Voter apathy is slipping toward voter cynicism. Politics, to a lot of people, looks less like a civic virtue than a dirty game that’s best avoided....

 Opinion    November 14, 2014

Native women victimized once again by Déjà Vu event, City Pages ad

This morning I opened my e-mail to a string of comments relating to an ad in City Pages, our local Voice Media Group publication....

 Opinion    November 14, 2014

Speaking Up: Native Women's Voices and the Challenges of Putting Yourself Out There

“There are not enough young Native women getting their voices out there.” This is what they tell me. I have been thinking about it. Read more at

 By John H. Horst    Opinion    November 12, 2014

Immigration Reform and the Promise of Civil Society

On the heels of an electoral drubbing, the President and Republican leaders of the new Congress remain at odds over immigration. The Republican meme of ‘securing the border’ is beginning to skip like a scratched record. But the President’s ‘phone and pen’ aren’t even on the constitutional playlist. We need a new song, a hit single to refresh the debate. The argument over the U.S./Mexican border is stale. I grew up within sight of the...

 Opinion    November 12, 2014

From ballots to policy: Next round of budget cuts are coming soon

The federal budget is complicated — and the politics of that budget is even worse. But we know that spending cuts are ahead. The questions are how deep and how soon?...

 Opinion    November 10, 2014

Don't blame moose decline on wolves

Are wolves to blame for fewer Minnesota moose?” (Nov. 2) suggested that wolves play a large role in the decline of the moose population. Although wolves are indeed a predator of moose, there is no evidence that wolves are the reason our Minnesota moose population is facing such hard times....

 Opinion    November 10, 2014

How 'Christian' was 'The Christian General?"

After the Civil War, many Army generals were assigned the new task of subduing the Native Americans who were resisting the white man encroaching on their ancestral lands. Far from the lines of communication, what happened in the field depended on the decisions and character of the officers and men fulfilling their orders....

 Opinion    November 10, 2014

urned Away From Voting With a Tribal ID: Why This Matters

On posters, on the radio, on social media, essentially everywhere, the state of North Dakota distributed an advertisement reminding residents to get out and vote. On these ads, acceptable forms of ID are listed: Tribal ID card is one. Read more at

 Opinion    November 10, 2014

A law that bans 'mixed race' couples? Yes. In 2014. In Canada

A Canadian woman falls in love and joins her life with that of a man of a different race. As a direct result of this union, she is harassed, receives notice of eviction, and is told she must leave her home....

 Opinion    November 10, 2014

1890 and 1973: Do We Really Know What Happened at Wounded Knee?

My three children are Oglala Lakota. They grew up here on the Pine Ridge Reservation. If they hadn't, maybe they wouldn't have known about the 1890 massacre at Wounded Knee. That's because Wounded Knee, the most famous catastrophe in Native history, is rarely taught in U.S. schools. Sometimes I wonder if Americans know more about what's happening in Hollywood than they do about what happened right here in South Dakota....

 Opinion    November 7, 2014

Mapping the Market for Sex: Challenging Attitudes to Create Change

The business of sex trafficking young girls is a highly organized criminal enterprise in which brutality and cruelty are tools of the trade. Native American girls who can be easily passed off to represent a variety of ethnicities, are especially prized in this burgeoning market. Read more at

 Opinion    November 6, 2014

Peterson Op-Ed: Honoring our Veterans

On November 11, I join Americans across the country to honor the dedication and sacrifice of our veterans and their families. Our veterans are continuing to return from service with pressing needs and I am committed to making sure they have timely access to the benefits they have earned. Recent failings by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) have exposed the challenges veterans can face when...

 Opinion    November 6, 2014

What worked, what needs work & why Indian Country should be optimistic about Native Vote

This was a tough election. Those who are against the Affordable Care Act, don’t believe in global warming, and think that President Obama is the cause of all our problems swept into office. We won’t know the final tally for a month or so, but the Republicans picked up at least seven Senate seats, added to their majority in the House and did well in state houses....

 Opinion    November 5, 2014

Reince Priebus: GOP win, Obama signs XL

A confident Reince Priebus on Election Day predicted that a Republican controlled House and Senate will pass a bill to approve the Keystone XL pipeline — and that President Barack Obama will likely sign it. Read more:

 Opinion    November 4, 2014

INSIGHT-Can American Indian reformers slow an oil boom?

(Reuters) - A change in leadership at an American Indian reservation in North Dakota wouldn't normally get a whole lot of attention. But come Tuesday, the oil industry will be watching this dusty area of the state as two reformers vie to become tribal chairman, an office with outsized power over the course of the state's booming oil industry....

 Opinion    November 3, 2014

Taking steps to weed out bad cops in Minneapolis

Minneapolis residents have lived through this scenario many times: A cop or cops get into an altercation with one or more citizens, often in the course of an arrest. A civilian ends up shot to death, seriously injured or roughed up. Alleged victims protest and occasionally take legal action, sometimes resulting in large monetary settlements. City leaders conduct studies and community meetings to assess police-community relations. Reports are...

 Opinion    November 3, 2014

Lawmaker's effort goes too far on Indian names, mascots

It is appalling that a few Colorado schools continue to cling to offensive American Indian mascot names, but a solution being proposed by state Sen. Joe Salazar is too heavy-handed and too broad....

 Opinion    October 31, 2014

Editorial counterpoint: Why would voters dump Nolan for an untested rookie like Mills?

While I agree with most of the Star Tribune’s endorsements, particularly those of Gov. Mark Dayton and Sen. Al Franken, I can’t say the same of your endorsement of Stewart Mills III (“Mills is a fresh voice in Eighth District,” Oct. 28)....


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