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 Opinion    July 30, 2014 

Indians Reclaim Wall Street: A Native's Guide to Investment

“Having a portfolio” was not something I understood while growing up in the rural Creek Nation AKA Oklahoma. The Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S & P meant nothing to me, but the commodity price reports did. Long and short described shoats and heifers, and stock was livestock. Read more at

 Opinion    July 30, 2014 

Tribal Contracts Must Be Honored-Permanently

Most Americans know of the broken treaties that scar the history of the United States’ treatment of its First Peoples. Many do not know of more recent broken promises. Read more at

 Opinion    July 30, 2014 

Obama's Indian Education Proposals Shortchange Indian Kids-Again

President Obama recently visited the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in North Dakota where he presented a series of Indian Education proposals intended to reform the Bureau of Indian Education (BIE). Missing from the President’s proposals, however, are any references to a program that serves over 90% of Indian kids in the U.S., attending public schools and not in BIE schools. That program is the Johnson-O’Malley (JOM) program. Read more at...

 Opinion    July 30, 2014 

A Victory for Native Power: Just Say No to Ted Nugent's Ugliness

Both the Coeur d'Alene Tribe and the Puyallup Tribe displayed Native Power 2014-style. Ted Nugent (and really anybody else) has an absolute legal right to say hateful, ugly and/or racist things ("Subhuman mongrel," anyone?); yet Tribes are thankfully showing that they do not have to be complicit in hateful ugliness and/or REWARD the ugliness. Both the Coeur d'Alene Tribe as well as the Puyallup Tribe flexed that ability—to express displeasure...

 Opinion    July 28, 2014

Millions Invested in Our Communities Generate Priceless Returns

The Cherokee Nation covers all or part of 14 counties in northeast Oklahoma. That’s more than 7,000 square miles, with Cherokee communities dotting the landscape. Basic infrastructure like roads, bridges, waterlines and sanitation systems are what keep those communities going....

 Opinion    July 28, 2014

Lie, Delay and Deny Until They Die: How Veterans Are Treated by the VBA

This is the working mantra of the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA). After reading the latest report from the Office of the Inspector General, this is made blatantly clear. The mantra has long been rumor among veterans but, with all of the information coming from the series of joint committee hearings, it has proven to be a concrete truth. The report is titled "Veterans Benefits Administration: Review of the Special Initiative To Process...

 Opinion    July 28, 2014

Indian youth hurt by Colorado's marijuana experiment

"Our youth are abusing marijuana as never before. The stuff they're smoking and eating comes to our kids still in its packaging from Denver."...

 Opinion    July 28, 2014

10 Things Other People Love About Indians and Stuff

1. Dreamcatchers, because nothing communicates to society that you’ve got both cultural and economical capital like a inauthentic dreamcatcher dangling from the rearview mirror of your Mercedes. Read more at

 Opinion    July 28, 2014

Indian chldren are being taken from their homes

Attorney Steven Pevar of the American Civil Liberties Union explains why tribes and Indian parents are fighting the state of South Dakota in Oglala Sioux Tribe v. Van Hunnik, an Indian Child Welfare Act case:...

 Opinion    July 28, 2014

Power of sports: Why the North American Indigenous Games matter

Derek Fox, from the Bearskin Lake First Nation, is an Anishinaabe lawyer currently living in Thunder Bay, Ont. As a young boy, he found strength and comfort on the outdoor rink and spent every winter night skating in an imaginary Stanley Cup final. Fox went on to have a successful career in major junior and semi-pro hockey....

 Opinion    July 25, 2014

How many more students have to die?

Andy Marso was a college kid with a bright future. He left Minnesota to study journalism at the University of Kansas. He was three weeks away from graduating and had a job waiting as a sportswriter for the local paper. Then one day he literally felt a shiver up his spine....

 Opinion    July 24, 2014

Editorial counterpoint: 'Effective' teaching? First, meet basic needs

I am a veteran teacher of 26 years in Minneapolis schools. My students are arguably those “underachieving” students of color who apparently (“Effective teachers for all? Yes, please,” editorial, July 22) are receiving an inferior education due to the poor teaching that they are encountering every day....

 Opinion    July 22, 2014

'Effective' teachers for all? Yes, please.

Just as children’s ZIP codes shouldn’t determine the type of public education they receive, neither should family income dictate the quality of their teachers. But too often in America’s schools, both problems occur....

 Opinion    July 18, 2014

Why aren't the schools teaching about the IRA form of government?

The disenchantment and what appears to be apathy or even seditiousness toward the Indian Reorganization Act system of government have become “normal” among many voters in my home district. This voter consensus seems to come from the fact that they are continually reminded, via tribal council actions, of their powerlessness to correct government....

 Opinion    July 15, 2014

A boneheaded move on congressional travel

Who says Congress can’t get anything done? If it’s a policy change that makes it more difficult for the public to track politicians’ free trips — and if this vote for “reform” is done in secret — bipartisanship abounds and it’s full-steam ahead....

 Opinion    July 15, 2014

A Rebuttal to Duane Champagne's Recent Piece on Disenrollment

In a recent piece for Indian Country Today Media Network, titled "The Debate Over Disenrollment" by UCLA Indian Studies professor Duane Champagne, we who have been disenrolled from Pechanga were aghast at the inaccuracies. Read more at

 Opinion    July 11, 2014

Boys Scouts Order of the Arrow Guilty of Cultural Appropriation, By Ozheebeegay Ikwe

My boys have been enrolled in Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts for the past few years. Until recently, it has been a good experience for them. They’ve made good friends and learned some valuable life skills....

 Opinion    July 11, 2014

Al Jazeera Blew It on 'Payday Nation'

Al Jazeera America’s recent series “Payday Nation” had so much promise to get the facts right and tell a side of the story which has been woefully underrepresented in the world of partisan media and painfully biased reporting. That promise unfortunately fell flat. Read more at

 Opinion    July 10, 2014

Children remain vital to our survival as nation

In the early part of contact with whites our very young Lakota children were taken and put into boarding schools to brainwash them....

 Opinion    July 8, 2014

hy Hasn't Obama Visited California's Tribes?

President Obama made headlines this past Friday with his “first” trip to an Indian reservation as president. Indian Country Today noted that his “trip to Standing Rock [was] the first visit to an Indian reservation by a President since Bill Clinton visited the Navajo Nation in 2000.” The Washington Post elaborated on this theme, noting that before Clinton, one had to go back to Franklin Roosevelt’s visit with the Eastern Cherokee in...

 Opinion    July 7, 2014

Reservation parochialism not the answer

President Barack Obama has come and gone....

 Opinion    July 7, 2014

The British View the War of 1812 Quite Differently Than Americans Do

As we look forward to celebrating the bicentennial of the “Star-Spangled Banner” by Francis Scott Key, I have to admit, with deep shame and embarrassment, that until I left England and went to college in the U.S., I assumed the words referred to the War of Independence. In my defense, I suspect I’m not the only one to make this mistake. Read more:

 Opinion    July 7, 2014

The Institutional Racism Against Black Indians

Black Indians are constantly confronted with the fact that they do not fit any of society's stereotypes for Native Americans. Those stereotypes are imposed by both whites and sadly, other Indians. This lack of understanding of another nation’s history has interwoven ignorance thus extinguishing fact. Nevertheless, despite their own distortions and mutations of the past, it is interesting to note how the right to remember or forget are not...

 Opinion    July 7, 2014

Virginia revisits its barbarous past by coercing a citizen to be sterilized

One of the worst blots on Virginia’s history is the decades-long, state-sponsored barbarity known as eugenics — the effort to forge a scientifically enhanced race purified of what some considered inferior genetic stock. Former governor (now Sen.) Mark Warner acknowledged the disgrace that led to the forcible sterilization of some 7,000 people deemed feebleminded, epileptic or in some other way unfit to have children....

 Opinion    July 7, 2014

Everyone Wants to Be an Indian, But Nobody Wants to Be an Indian

The title is paraphrased from a comic bit from the legendary Paul Mooney. He actually said "Everyone wants to be Black but, no one wants to be Black." By that he meant that people from other cultures like to take bits and pieces from Black culture but don't want the experience of being part of that culture. I think it applies to Native culture today more than ever and it is worth asking the question, why? Read more at http://i...

 Opinion    July 2, 2014

Breakdances With Wolves: When Hip-Hop Came to Indian Reservations

Looking back, it kinda reminds me of this '80s movie, The Gods Must Be Crazy, in which some dimwit inadvertently drops a Coca-Cola bottle from an airplane flying over a remote Indigenous African community....

 Opinion    July 2, 2014

How some Native Americans are embracing renewable energy

If I told you about a place where almost 40 percent of the people live without electricity, over 90 percent live below the poverty line, and the unemployment rate exceeds 80 percent, you might be picturing a rural village in Africa or some other developing country. However, this community is actually within US borders. I’m talking about the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, home to the Oglala Lakota. Native American reservations are...

 Opinion    June 30, 2014

Indian (yet not 'an' Indian)

“We’ve got a real Indian with us this Thanksgiving!” Read more at

 Opinion    June 23, 2014

What happens when the Great White Father is black?

The president wasn’t here very long June 13, and he did just one thing in the state, in a place few North Dakotans have ever visited. It is not clear just why he came or what will come of it. I wasn’t there, but I have friends who were there, and their reports are fascinating....

 Opinion    June 23, 2014

herapists Must Recognize and Treat Historical Trauma

The U.S. Surgeon General has reported that rates of co-occurring mental illness and substance abuse, especially alcohol, are higher among Native Americans, and that the suicide rate among the Native population is 50 percent higher than the national rate. Studies have found rates of depression ranging from 10 to 30 percent higher among Native people. Read more at

 Opinion    June 23, 2014

"Fashionable bigotry" creeps into Twin Cities theatre scene

I went to see 'Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson' by Minneapolis Musical Theatre, not because I wanted to give the show any ink, or because I thought I'd have anything more to add, but because the controversy surrounding its treatment of Native people was relevant to a topic I've been tracking. In short, this was a show that pitted an emo version of America's seventh president against a bunch of white people playing Indians. They were resplendent in...

 Opinion    June 23, 2014

Bering Strait Theory, Pt. 2: Racism, Eugenics and When Natives Came to America

In Part 1 of our exclusive series we examined how the discovery and examination of the ancient Mexican skeleton, Naia, has led scientists to once again rethink the origins of American Indians. Read more at

 Opinion    June 19, 2014

The Murder Investigation Roiling North Dakota's Oilfields

In the summer of 2012, I flew to North Dakota to write about the strange events happening on an Indian reservation, which, thanks to advances in fracking technology, was gushing oil. As I soon learned, scores of problems were bubbling up with the crude, including lawsuits, environmental scares, a surge in crime, and questions about where all the oil money was going....

 Opinion    June 19, 2014

How Many Minorities Make a Majority?

Honest politics practiced between the Indian nations and the colonists must always be, or should always be, coalition politics. This is necessary not only because we are less than one percent of the US population, but also because we are not now and never have been a united one percent, more’s the pity. Read more at

 By George L Askew MD    Opinion    June 16, 2014

My Father's Story: Taking Control of Your

My dad’s a lucky guy. It was 10 years ago that my dad, a relatively young, thriving, robust, gregarious, independent and proud African American man, suffered a large stroke. It might seem strange to have me say he was lucky - but he was. My dad was many things, but as you might have noted, “healthy” wasn’t one of them. While from all external indicators he looked great, he was a ticking time bomb. His blood pressure was so high that it...

 Opinion    June 16, 2014

Counterpoint: Too soon to trash 'focused instruction' in Minneapolis

The June 7 article “ ‘Focus’ is failing to deliver” presented early impressions of a two-year-old effort by the Minneapolis public schools to improve educational outcomes by more tightly determining and sequencing the content of instruction. The article suggested that “focused instruction” is associated with lower academic achievement. Unfortunately, the claims were supported by rather sketchy “analysis,” with no real clear...

 Opinion    June 16, 2014

The Dangerous Dissent in State of Michigan v. Bay Mills Indian Community

On May 27, 2014, the U.S. Supreme Court delivered a 5-4 decision in the case State of Michigan v. Bay Mills Indian Community. A five justice majority issued a ruling that works in favor of the Bay Mills Indian Community. While a great deal of commentary is likely to be focused in the majority decision, this column is about the dissent by justices, Thomas, Alito, Ginsburg, and Scalia, and their tacit acknowledgment that a system of domination has...

 Opinion    June 13, 2014

Mike Tyson: What's the Difference Between Washington 'Redskins' and 'Black C**ns'?

The Washington "Redskins" is no less offensive than a team name like the Washington "Black Coons," said Mike Tyson at a Turning Stone Casino Resort event on June 5. Read more at

 Opinion    June 11, 2014

Who matters most in schools? Who inspires?

I quit. I’m outta here. Adios. Auf Wiedersehen. Yep, after 20 years of schooling and teaching in the K-12 educational system, I’m done. Well, OK, so it’s not as dramatic as it sounds. Next fall, I’m moving on to a teaching position in a university education department. Now I’ll be teaching teachers about teaching. It’s a big leap, and one I’m excited about, yet as I say my goodbyes to K-12 staff and students, I find myself...

 Opinion    June 11, 2014

Unfinished Business in Indian Country

Last month, a report revealed that 97 percent of complaints of abuse submitted to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) resulted in “No Action Taken.” The immense push for transparency and accountability in the U.S. Border Patrol that followed compelled the CBP to release a review of its own use-of-force practices and adopt a new policy handbook to revise its abusive practices. Although an improvement, further analysis is necessary to...

 Opinion    June 10, 2014

Is This Shirt 'Racist'? A Tribe Called Red Threatened With Boycott

Ian Campeau, better known as Deejay NDN of A Tribe Called Red, is an outspoken cultural critic, both as official mouthpiece of the DJ trio and a twitter provocateur. Campeau was instrumental in getting the Nepean Redskins football club to change its name (they're now the Nepean Eagles), and sports mascots is one of his favorite topics to discuss. Read more at

 Opinion    June 10, 2014

Concurrent Jurisdiction Continues to Fail the Oyate

Tribal Council Report to the Oyate...

 Opinion    June 9, 2014

How the war on coal would hurt Minnesota

The June 4 political cartoon lampooning supporters of coal demonstrates an insensitivity and ignorance that is shared by Gov. Mark Dayton and the DFL when it comes to the issue of climate change and the supporters of coal as a source of energy....

 Opinion    June 9, 2014

American Indians still struggle 90 years after citizenship

Ninety years ago, Congress granted American Indians the ironic right to become citizens of their own land. Read more:

 Opinion    June 6, 2014

On My Upcoming Trip to Indian Country

Six years ago, I made my first trip to Indian country. I visited the Crow Nation in Montana—an experience I’ll never forget. I left with a new Crow name, an adoptive Crow family, and an even stronger commitment to build a future that honors old traditions and welcomes every Native American into the American Dream. Read more at

 Opinion    June 6, 2014

Statement by the President on the Confirmation of Sylvia Mathews Burwell as the Secretary of Health and Human Services

I applaud the strong, bipartisan majority of Senators who today confirmed Sylvia Mathews Burwell as America’s next Secretary of Health and Human Services. Sylvia is a proven manager who knows how to deliver results, and over her career she has built deep relationships with Democrats and Republicans alike. I’m confident Sylvia’s unparalleled experience will serve her well in her new role as she works to ensure the safety of our food and...

 Opinion    June 2, 2014

Anishinaabeg are an economic force in Bemidji

Anishinaabeg are an economic force in Bemidji Bemidji is losing its sense of community. Bemidji has become an economic hub that thrives on the poverty of the Anishinaabeg. This city is essentially taking advantage of social service programs, low-income subsidies and fines from Anishinaabeg that have been criminalized by poverty by discrimination. Racist discrimination stimulates a large portion of Bemidji's economy. Thousands of us working class...

 Opinion    May 28, 2014

The VA crisis and Obama: Poor management, again

We don’t normally expect our presidents to pay close attention to how long veterans are being asked to wait for care in the vast medical system run by the Department of Veterans Affairs....

 Opinion    May 28, 2014

Anderson: DNR's prickly decision on barbless hooks ignores the obvious

A famous guy from Hibbing — not Kevin McHale — once sang “you don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.’’...


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